Global Finance In 2015,AS PER REPORTS ON THE NET!

Gold price smashing and India's Gold Monetization Scheme have a connection.That is,scaring Indians, into selling their Gold into the said scheme!
It is reported that the central banks have sold their Gold at high prices,and they want buy them back at lower prices,after smashing the same.
The vested interest also,want the money to flow into equities,instead of Gold,so that the US Dollar could be strong.
Cashless Society,for confiscating the wealth of Indians via NIRP,is being planned.
NIRP will be ineffective with cash around.
Land,Silver,Gold,Cash and other tangibles are taboo,in a Cashless Society,which will be in force in India by 2018,as per reports.Cashless Society and the resultant,Electronic Transactions,will help the Hackers a lot,as an "entry point", is being provided to them,via the Electronic Transfer,which in "ordinary" Banking,is NOT available to the Hackers.
.......but by smart moves,in the changed and changing scenario,it is possible to increase one's wealth!

IMF And World Bank DICTATORSHIP Of India Under M M Singh


KEEPs In Touch With People

KEEPs In Touch With People
What A Sign!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Telengana problem continues
US Faces Sovereign Debt Default?Read here.
FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-  579,14358,5170;DII:- 100,4779,8787
BDI 2982;-39;-1.29%.BELOW, 200DMA of  3112.About to pierce 50DMA.Shipping and Ship-Building in severe trouble.
Dollar Index    81.25;  Re 26 paise down v Dollar  @45.13
Reuters' CRB Index: 273.7
Gold   1106 $/Oz
Silver 558   $/Kg
Crude 82.31 $/bbl
Indian 19.80,+1.07,5.71%
US      17.13;-0.46;-2.62%
Sensex -121;17592

Monday, March 29, 2010

Telengana problem continues
Unions oppose Coal India Divestment.Read here.
‘Coal price rise will help Gujarat NRE earn $100 m more'.Read here
India threatens to move WTO on carbon tax issue.Read here.
Plan to buy out RBI stakes put on backburner.Read here.
Banks pull out Rs 50k cr from MFs after Mar 15.Read here.
FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-  1062,13780,4591;DII:- -270,4879,8687
BDI 3021;-77;-2.49%.BELOW, 200DMA of  3116.Shipping and Ship-Building in severe trouble.
Dollar Index    81.25;  Re 24 paise up v Dollar  @44.87
Reuters' CRB Index: 272.83
Gold   1109 $/Oz
Silver 557   $/Kg
Crude 82.17 $/bbl
Indian 18.73,0.84,4.7%
US      17.59;-0.18;-1.01%
Sensex 67;17712

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hot Issues Of The Week
RBI for firm regulation of clearing houses.Read here.
Nuclear Accident Liability Bill
CDS Ban By EU.Greece.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Telengana problem continues
Silver Manipulation .Read here.
New FDI norms come into play.Read here.
Court wants Centre, Lafarge to share profit with locals.Read here.
BRIC to promote food security.Read here.
FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-  591,12716,3528;DII:49,4608,8957
BDI 3098;-79;-2.49%.BELOW, 200DMA of  3121.Shipping and Ship-Building in trouble.
Dollar Index    81.61;  Re 39 paise up v Dollar  @45.11
Reuters' CRB Index: 267.83
Gold   1107 $/Oz
Silver 542   $/Kg
Crude 80.15 $/bbl
Indian 17.89;+0.84,+4.93%
US      17.77;-0.63;-3.42%
Sensex 86;17645 .

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Telengana problem continues
Tier-I capital may exclude hybrid instruments.Read here.

Explain why you sold Britain's gold, Gordon Brown told .Read here.

Inflation worry signals end to easy money policy .Read here.
Pfizer, Glaxo sign 10-year vaccine deal for poor.DEPOPULATION?Read here.
Food security bill distressing, NGO tells PM.Read here.
FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-  653,12126,2937;DII:-156,4658,8908
BDI 3177;-66;-2.04%.Above 200DMA of  3121.
Dollar Index    82.19;  Re 9 paise down v Dollar  @45.50
Reuters' CRB Index: 268.97(-0.41,-0.17%)
Gold   1091 $/Oz
Silver 533   $/Kg
Crude 80.53 $/bbl
Indian 17.05;-1.08,-5.96%
US      18.40;+0.85;+4.84%
Sensex 107;17558;rise due to reported reduction in Food inflation.expiry date.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Telengana problem continues
Coca-Cola sued.Read here
India Reviews Tax Treaty With Mauritius. Read here
Petrol Price may rise Further.Read here
Silent Spread of H1N1 D225G In India.Read here.
Wall Street banks keep ordinary investors out.Read here
But "Fractional banking",gives the bankers enormous advantage over others,like Individuals and Corporates,as a banker's money has more "value",than the same amount owned by others.
Dollar strong due to Portugal.Dow and Commodities crash.
FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-  360,11473,2284;DII:-73.14,4502,9064
BDI 3243;-37;1.2%.Above 200DMA of  3123.
Dollar Index    81.84;  Re no change v Dollar  @45.41
Reuters' CRB Index: 269.38(-2.33,-0.86%)
Gold   1088 $/Oz
Silver 532   $/Kg
Crude 80.23 $/bbl
Indian 18.13;-1.83,-9.17%
US      17.55;+1.20;+7.34%
Sensex 0;17451;Holiday(Ramnavami)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Telengana problem continues
A fundamental shift in the geopolitics of oil.Read here
RBI must continue to hike rates.Read here.

Open interest position rules at an all-time high.Read here
OPEC wants norms to curb speculation.Read here.
FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-  360,11473,2284;DII:-73.14,4502,9064
BDI 3280;-57;-1.71%.Above 200DMA of  3124.
Dollar Index    80.87;  Re 6 paise up v Dollar  @45.41
Reuters' CRB Index: 271.71(-0.43,-0.16%)
Gold   1103 $/Oz
Silver 546   $/Kg
Crude 81.49 $/bbl
Indian 18.13;-1.83,-9.17%
US      16.35;-0.52;-3.08%
Sensex +41;17451

Monday, March 22, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
Vanishing Co!Read here.
The Growing Movement for Publicly Owned Banks.Read here.
Money-laundering insider: Illicit money flowing out of Switzerland.Read here.

Private Deposits Offshore.Read here
European fraudsters steal $7B in carbon credit scam.Read here and here.
Latvia government collapses amid economic crisis.Read here.
ECA Program most recently worked with India.Read here.
Kerala's panel moots realisation of Rs 216 crore from Coca Cola.Read here.
US States in Recession.Read here
FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-  303,11113,1924;DII:-33.14,4429,9138
BDI 3337;-42;-1.24%.Above 200DMA of  3126.
Dollar Index    80.59;  Re 7 paise up v Dollar  @45.47
Reuters' CRB Index: 272.37(-0.26,-0.10%)
Gold   1103 $/Oz
Silver 545   $/Kg
Crude 81.25 $/bbl
Indian 19.96;+2.21,-1.22%
US      16.87;-0.10;-0.59%
Sensex -167;17410

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hot Issues Of The Week
Rail ad goof-up shows Delhi in Pakistan.Read here
Court orders Fed to release bailout records.Read here.
CNG prices up 50 paise to Rs 21.70 per kg.Read here.

Witnesses allege biggest anti-naxal operation of 2009 was fake.Read here.

10 cos shortlisted for Unique ID project.Read here
FIIs Are Traders.Read here

Bill upgrading Presidency College to university passed.Read here

Greece, India Rate Move Boost Dollar.Read here

Can the USA recover economically?Read here.

Nuclear Accident Liability Bill
CDS Ban By EU.Greece.

Telengana problem continues.
RBI increases repo, reverse repo rate by 25 bps.Read here.

H1N1 In Georgia.Read here.
FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-   284,10810,1621;DII:113,4395,9171
BDI 3379;-17;-0.5%.Above 200DMA of  3146.
Dollar Index    80.75;  Re 7 paise up v Dollar  @45.40
Reuters' CRB Index: 272.63(-3.06,-1.11%)
Gold   1108 $/Oz
Silver 545   $/Kg
Crude 80.63 $/bbl
Indian 17.75;-0.22,-1.22%
US      16.97;+0.35;+2.11%
Sensex 58;17577

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Telengana problem continues.

Report: Commonwealth Games construction kills 43.Read here.

Shipping Corporation Of India, performance poor.Nine month EPS slightly less than Rs 6/=
Monsanto admits their technology doesn’t work!Read here
2012!Junk Bonds.Read here.
Commonwealth Games Infra:-Working Conditions Inhuman.Read here.
RBI paves way for bank investment in IDRs.Read here.
The Sting. Read here.
Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, UBS Charged With Derivatives Fraud.Read here.
Dangerous suggestion from Bernanke.Read here
 The Federal Reserve believes it is possible that, ultimately, its operating framework will allow the elimination of minimum reserve requirements, which impose costs and distortions on the banking system

FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-   485,10525,1337;DII:-53,4508,9058
BDI 3396;-31;-0.93%.Above 200DMA of  3146.
Dollar Index    80.27;  Re 6 paise down v Dollar  @45.47
Reuters' CRB Index: 275.65
Gold   1126 $/Oz
Silver 557   $/Kg
Crude 81.89 $/bbl
Indian 17.97;+0.24,+1.35%
US      16.62;-0.29;-1.71%
Sensex 29;17519

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
Federal Reserve kept benchmark rates near zero.Read here
European Financial crisis:Read here

Proprietary Trades: Broking firms eager to curry favour with prop traders.Read here.

Prices at uneasy levels: Rangarajan.Read here.

Shan5 unsafe?Read here and here.
Indian varsities demand level-playing field.Read here.
RBI may hike rates by 25 bps,on April,20th.Read here.
RBI’s push for infrastructure financing.Read here.
Finmin wants PSBs to exit insurance.Read here.

Remittances may dip to $47 billion.Read here.

FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-   816,10041,853;DII:-298,4455,9111
BDI 3427;-71;-2.03%.Above 200DMA of  3147.
Dollar Index    79.81;  Re 2 paise up v Dollar  @45.41
Reuters' CRB Index: 275.03(+1.49,+0.55%)
Gold   1125 $/Oz
Silver 561   $/Kg
Crude 82.62 $/bbl
Indian 17.73;-1.86,-9.41%
US      16.91;-0.78;-4.41%
Sensex 107;17490

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
It's Speculators vs. Democracy.Read here 
India Hikes Rail Freight Rates on Iron Ore Exports. Read here 
Goldman's Behavior In Greece Is Just The Tip.Read here 
Creation Of inflation,by Government and hence,rate hike imminent.Read here and here.
RBI keeps off currency mkts.Read here 
Foreign Universities Bill cleared for introduction.Read here 
‘Rs1 lakh cr remained unspent by ministries in FY’08’.Read here 
Europe: USA, Take Your Banks Home.Read here.
FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-   377,9225,37;DII:-158,3-4157,9410
BDI 3498;-76;-2.13%.Above 200DMA o 3146.
Dollar Index    79.64;  Re 18 paise up v Dollar  @45.43
Reuters' CRB Index: 273.54(+2.70,+1.0%)
Gold   1126 $/Oz
Silver 562   $/Kg
Crude 81.92 $/bbl
Indian 19.59;-0.67,-3.31%
US      17.69;-0.31;-1.72%
Sensex 218;17383
Caution is key word at banks as NPAs soar.Read here.
Maritime trade suffers Rs 1,400 cr annual loss: CAG.Read here.

Brussels  for GM crops in Europe, against the majority will.Read here.

India's inflation hits 9.9%.Read here.
IT Co employees suspected in antinayional activities.Read here

Many western nations have distorted IPCC reports: Jairam.Read here
Food being wasted By the MM Singh-led Govt.Read here
No proposal to allow NTPC to sell power in open market: Govt.Read here

MM Sigh-led UPA, may sell 10% in unlisted cos: Sources.Read here

FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:-660,8848,-341;DII:-128,3999,9568
BDI 3574;+68;+1.99%
Dollar Index    80.28;  Re 14 paise down v Dollar  @45.58
Reuters' CRB Index: 270.79(-2.52,-0.92%)
Gold   1108 $/Oz
Silver 552   $/Kg
Crude 79.71 $/bbl
Indian 20.26;0.53,2.7
US      18;+0.42;+2.39%
Sensex 2;17165

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hot issues of the week
1.Chile,Turkey Earth Quakes.
3.Malvinas,Iran and Afghanistan.
5.Inflation.Food prices soaring.Rangarajan suggests reducing Stock.Read here.
6.EU may be weak against the powerful US Investment Bankers to,push its case for the  ban of CDS etc.
7.Greece and the rest of PIIGS!.Western Economy.
8.US cotton subsidy angers Brazil.Read here.
9.Germany unaware of Greek bailout, EU says no deal done.Read here.
Euro finance ministers to agree on Greek aid: source.Read here.
10.Land grab(that too fertile!),for POWER!Read here.

11.India and Russia sign deals including Nuke ones.
12.China Publishes The Human Rights recod Of The USA In 2009.Read here.
13.The Depopulation Agenda in India seems to have started with VACCINATION,as three tribal girls die.Many other girls uncomfortable.First HIV Aids Virus was used,and now Vaccination against Gardasil.Read here and here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
Re Covertibility.Read here
Italian(wink) Helicopters for "VVIPs"!Read here.
RBI to buy IMF notes worth $10 billion.Read here
US Fed Manipulation.Read here
Brown, Sarkozy slam US ‘protectionism’ over plane.Read here
Wyoming Governor Signs Sovereignty Resolution.Read here
FII RsCrores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:377,8188;-1001;DII -91;-3870;9696
1.BDI 3506;+190;+5.73%;Above  200DMA of 3143.
2.US Dollar Index   (79.80). Rupee 4 paise up v Dollar @45.44
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 273.23(-0.16)
4.Gold $1102/ Oz
5.Silver $549/kg;
 India   19.73;-0.41;2.04%
US 17.58;-0.48;-2.66%
7.Crude $81.10/bbl
8.Sensex ;  -1; 17167

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
Muni Bond Market Begins To  Default.Read here.
Urea demand may touch 288 lt next fiscal..Read here.
Europe bars Wall Street banks from government bond sales.Read here.
Greeks ban hedge funds in bond sale.Read here
Steel prices rise on high raw material costs .Read here.
Tata Steel hit by Orissa Govt's blanket mining ban order. Read here.
Platform delay gives NSE an edge in corp repo.Read here.
BSE and NSE at loggeheads.Read here.
Food stocks and prices both soar.Read here.
LIC's 'life' cushion helps it rescue NMDC, other PSUs.Read here.
LIC Housing eyes banking licence .Read here.
UK Economy in trouble.Read here.
FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:304,7816;-1373;DII -203;-3780;9787

1.BDI 3316;+86;+2.66%;Above  200DMA of 3140.
2.US Dollar Index   (80.28). Rupee 7 paise down v Dollar @45.48
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 273.42(-1.20) 

4.Gold $1110/ Oz
5.Silver $552/kg;
 India   20.14;0.05;0.25%
US 18.06;-0.51;-2.75%
7.Crude $82.23/bbl
8.Sensex ;  70; 17168

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
25% dip in FDI inflows in January .Read Here.
IMF proposes climate change fund.Read Here.
Royal Dutch Shell stops gasoline sales to Iran: trade.Read Here
FII Rs Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly:364,7511;-1677;DII -375;-3576;9990
1.BDI 3230;20;+0.62%;Above  200DMA of 3138.
2.US Dollar Index   (80.44). Rupee 4 paise up v Dollar @45.41
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 274.617(-0.169)
4.Gold $1108/ Oz
5.Silver $546/kg;
 India   20.09;-0.71;-3.41%
US 18.57;+0.65;+3.63%
7.Crude $82.09/bbl
8.Sensex ;  46; 17099

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rajya Sabha Passes Womens' Bill.

RBI Rate hike possible.Read here

EU Considers Ban on Some CDS Trades .Read here,here and here.

Telengana problem continues.Student Ends Life.Read here

Coking coal price hike to benefit Austral Coke,Guj NRE Coke.Read here

Banks face mega losses as bond yields hit 17-mth high.Read here

Greenpeace alerts MPs to constitutional blunder.Read here

Greek PM urges G20 effort to rein in speculators.Read here

FII Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly: 2173,7147;-2042;DII -172;-3209;10364

1.BDI 3210;-49;-1.50%;Above 200DMA of 3136.

2.US Dollar Index (80.75). Rupee 7 paise up v Dollar @45.45

3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 274.786(-1.923)

4.Gold $1122/ Oz

5.Silver $558/kg;


India 20.80;0.07;0.34

US 17.92;+0.13;+0.73%

7.Crude $81.46/bbl

8.Sensex ; -50; 17053

Monday, March 08, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
World's biggest oil trader ends supplies to Iran: Company.Read here
RBI  orders special audit of Bank of Rajasthan.Read here
RIL likely to taste success again in Cauvery region.Read here
Greece Supported. Read here
China Is Scared About Local Government Debt, May  End All Municipal Loan Guarantees.Read here
US Municipal Bonds Default danger.Read here
Nuclear liability law has sting in tail for the U.S. too.Read here
Women's Bill: SP, RJD withdraw support to UPA govt.Read here
Sugar prices down by Rs 1.2/Kg.Read here
Bhopal UC Waste Yet To be treated.Read here
Extreme Land Grab.Read here
Merkel calls for end to speculators who bet against Greece.Read here
Wall Street on the prowl,wants more!Read here.
US Govt land grab.Read here.
Iceland votes over foreign debts, economy at risk.Read here.
Our world balances on a sea of debt.Read here.

Freight rates up on hike in fuel prices.Read here.
Protest against Price Rise.Read here.
Chinese Shipping Indices go Ballistic as Wave of Exports Leave China.Commodities may fall.Read here.
FII Crores Daily,Monthly,Yearly: 1132,4973;-4213;DII -568;-3209;10536

1.BDI 3259;+17;+0.52%;Above  200DMA of 3134.
2.US Dollar Index   (80.51). Rupee 8 paise down v Dollar @45.52
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 276.709(-0.225)
4.Gold $1124/ Oz
5.Silver $552/kg;
 India   20.73;-0.01;-0.05
US 17.42;
7.Crude $81.67/bbl
8.Sensex ;  108; 17103

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hot issues of the week
1.Chile Earth Quake,aftershocks could go on for years: Scientists.Read here.
3.Malvinas,Iran and Afghanistan.
Western sanctions draft targets Iran's banks abroad.Read here.
5.Inflation.Food prices soaring.
6.FIIs turn net sellers in 2010.
7..Greece and the rest of PIIGS!.Western Economy.Iceland votes over foreign debts, economy at risk.  Read here.
8. SEBI allows physical delivery in derivatives segment.   Read here.
9.Minister okays coal linkages to five projects.Read here.
10.India won't pose Arunachal projects to World Bank: Krishna.Read here.
11.Chinese Shipping Indices go Ballistic as Wave of Exports Leave China.Read here.
12.RBI panel proposes collateral-free loans.Read here.
13.Congress party agrees to US conditions,on liability in case of accidents,in the Nuclear Reactors to be supplied by the latter.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
India's groundwater resource depletion.Read here
Opposition May call For Bharat Bandh.Read here.
Congress party surrenders to China On Arunachal.Read here.
Indian Govt To Spend More this fiscal.Read here.
Restraint on free transfer of shares is illegal: HC.Read here.
Mining Lease for Rio Tinto. Read here.

ANZ Bank gets License,in India.
FII net  buying Rs 913 and DII net  selling Rs 661 Crores on 5/3/10,and for March,3842 and -2461 respectively.Yearly figures are FII sales:5347;           DII Purchases:   11105

1.BDI 3242;+121;+3.88%;Above  200DMA of 3132.
2.US Dollar Index   (80.43). Rupee 34 paise up v Dollar @45.44
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 276.934(+2.069)
4.Gold $1134/ Oz
5.Silver $558/kg;
 India   20.74;-0.24;-1.14
US 17.42;-1.30;-6.94%
7.Crude $81.79/bbl
8.Sensex ;  28; 16695

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Telengana problem continues.

China's People's national bank Meets on the 5th March.
Food inflation up .Read here.
Greece and Euro under attack from the Globalists.Read here.
Service tax may take toll on realty.Read here
Box shipping rates hiked 30-40% .Read here

FII net buying Rs 633 and DII net selling Rs 636 Crores on 4/3/10,and for March,2928 and -1800 respectively.Yearly figures are FII sales:6260; DII Purchases: 11766

ANZ Bank gets License,in India.

1.BDI 3121;+210;+7.21%;About to pierce 200DMA of 3121.

2.US Dollar Index (80.55). Rupee 11 paise down v Dollar @45.78

3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 274.805(-2.909)

4.Gold $1133/ Oz

5.Silver $553/kg;


India 20.98;0.23;1.11

US 18.72;-0.11;-0.58%

7.Crude $80.63/bbl

8.Sensex ; -29; 16971

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Telengana problem continues.

Foreign funds sneak into property business.Read here
20-25% correction in H2CY10.Read here.
RBI rethinking proposal to launch credit derivatives.Read here.
US moves WTO on textile export sops.Read here.
FII net buying Rs 959 and DII net selling Rs187 Crores on 3/3/10,and for March,2294 and -1164 respectively.Yearly figures are FII sales:6894; DII Purchases: 12402
1.BDI 2911+119;+4.26%;Below the 200DMA of 3126
2.US Dollar Index (79.99). Rupee 31 paise down v Dollar @45.67
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 277.714+1.579)
4.Gold $1140/ Oz
5.Silver $552/kg;
India 20.75;-0.88;-4.07
US 18.83;-0.23;-1.21%
7.Crude $80.94/bbl
8.Sensex ; 227; 17000

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Telengana problem continues.

OMCs May Lose 20% Earnings due To Duty Hike.Read here.
FII net buying Rs 1335 and DII net selling Rs977 Crores on 2/3/10.Yearly figures are FII sales:7853; DII Purchases: 12589
1.BDI 2792;+32;+1.16%;Below the 200DMA of 3125;50 DMA(2935) has crossed the 200DMA.Dry Bulk Shipping is in trouble.
2.US Dollar Index (80.36). Rupee 66 paise up v Dollar @45.36
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 275.135(+2.419)
4.Gold $1135/ Oz
5.Silver $543/kg;
India 21.63;-2.39;-9.95

US 19.26;-0.24;-1.23%
7.Crude $79.66/bbl
8.Sensex ; 343; 16772

Monday, March 01, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
Cement prices go through the roof.Read here.
French Tax Bonuses 50%, Will US Follow?    Read here.
Copper Jumps Most in 11 Months on Chile Earthquake .Read here
Air travel to become costlier.Read here
Fuels prices may be deregulated.Read here
Tax havens robbing 255 bn euros of poorest nations: OECD.Read here.
Short Selling Restrictions,in the USA, May Indicate Market Crashes .Read here.
Apple admits using Child labour.Read here.
Non-GM Soya has scope.Read here.
Budget fails to address IT industry's demand: Surjeet Singh..Read here
Union Budget 2010: Tea industry welcomes budget.Read here.
Activists question Bt brinjal clearance process.Read here.
Hike in MAT to hit profit of power generation firms.Read here.
Budget silent on Plan outlay for SC/STs.Read here
Duty hike on crude to put cos on a slippery track, Hike in import duty to 5% on crude a negative.Read here
Less taz For the Rich:(No Benefit For Those warning Below rs 3 lakhs).Read here
Freedom At Stake.Read here.
Major PSUs line up Rs 2.78 lakh cr capex next fiscal.Read here
Sarkozy admits France's role in Rwandan genocide.Read here.
Pound May Fall Shortly! Read here.
Realty Gain Outside City Limits.Read here
Sitaram Yechuri,on the Budget:- Read here.
Mark Mobius.Read here.
Direct tax in Budget 2010: What it means for India Inc.Read here.
Inflation may Wreck India.Read here.
Yearly figures(Crores)are FII sales:R 10030;           DII Purchases:   14566
1.BDI 2760;+22;+0.80%;Below the 200DMA of 3124;50 DMA(2944) has  crossed the 200DMA.Dry Bulk Shipping is in trouble.
2.US Dollar Index   (80.74). Rupee 6 paise up v Dollar @46.02
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 272.716(-2.060)
4.Gold $1119Oz
5.Silver $530/kg;
 India   24.02;
US 19.26;-0.24;-1.23%
7.Crude $78.85/bbl
8.Sensex ;   16430;Holiday