Global Finance In 2015,AS PER REPORTS ON THE NET!

Gold price smashing and India's Gold Monetization Scheme have a connection.That is,scaring Indians, into selling their Gold into the said scheme!
It is reported that the central banks have sold their Gold at high prices,and they want buy them back at lower prices,after smashing the same.
The vested interest also,want the money to flow into equities,instead of Gold,so that the US Dollar could be strong.
Cashless Society,for confiscating the wealth of Indians via NIRP,is being planned.
NIRP will be ineffective with cash around.
Land,Silver,Gold,Cash and other tangibles are taboo,in a Cashless Society,which will be in force in India by 2018,as per reports.Cashless Society and the resultant,Electronic Transactions,will help the Hackers a lot,as an "entry point", is being provided to them,via the Electronic Transfer,which in "ordinary" Banking,is NOT available to the Hackers.
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IMF And World Bank DICTATORSHIP Of India Under M M Singh


KEEPs In Touch With People

KEEPs In Touch With People
What A Sign!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hot issues of the week
1.Globalists WEF meet at Davos!
4.Credit ratings of Greece etc.
5.Western Economy.May be affected by the Cold Snap this year.Read more here
6.H1N1.ukrain:-   black-lung.Read more here
7.Liability Clause Bill Nuclear Deal of India
8.Inflation.Food prices soaring.
9.Major global banks split on regulation fight.Read more here 
10.Govt may divest only 10% stake in Coal India.Read more here
11.US sanctions on Iran may hit Indian companies.Read here

12.NHPC Ltd Q3 net profit at Rs581cr .Read more here
GNFC and SCI comparatively poor Q3.
13.Not just food, RBI wary of asset price spiral as well.Read more here
14.Bankers resigned to reform.Read more here
15.Monetary policy review, a reminder to Govt to roll back fiscal largesse .Read here
16.Global factors trigger correction.There is speculation in the currency market that China is looking at slowing down its lending, and hence may put some cap on its growth.
         These sentiments have resulted in a further strengthening of the US dollar against the major world currencies. This also put pressure on the prices of commodities and metals in the international markets. The prices of gold, crude oil and metals have corrected significantly over the last few weeks.
        Analysts believe the weakness in the commodity markets will persist for some more time, until some clarity emerges around this as well as some other ongoing European issues. Investors should remain careful before committing fresh investments in the commodity markets. Read here

        FIIs turn net seller in 2010; pull out Rs 7,000 cr last week.Read here

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Market Outlook From Economic Times
Market seen choppy to negative next week.Read here.
“We are very cautious at this juncture and suggest all short term players to lighten the position to avoid a sudden and sharp fall in the market. On the upside till Nifty does not move above 5000 levels we are not comfortable in suggesting in any long position to traders,”

Friday, January 29, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
RBI hikes CRR by 75 bps to 5.75%. Read more here
Fiscal, monetary hurdles may put spoke in economic recovery. Read more here

Reliance Industries Target Rs 1250; Gujarat NRE Coke Rs 103  : Macquarie.Read more here and  here.
1.BDI 2848;-115;-3.88%
2.US Dollar Index up 0.59(79.47). Rupee 21  paise down v Dollar @46.27.
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 265.585(-2.0)
4.Gold $1080/oz;
5.Silver $521/kg;
 India   26.13;-0.83;-3.20%
US 24.62;+0.89;+3.75%

7.Crude $72.64/bbl;-1.02
8.Sensex +51;16358

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
IT industry worried about US protectionism.Read more here
Market melts on global cues, monetary policy fears .Read more here
NTPC to sell 15% of extra capacity via exchanges.Read more here
 1.BDI 2963;-155;-5.0%
2.US Dollar Index up 0.19(78.88). Rupee 14  paise down v Dollar @46.06.  Read more here and here.
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 267.585(-1.177)
4.Gold $1085/oz;Gold Tumbles On Firm Dollar before Federal Decision.Read more here
5.Silver $523/kg;
 India   26.96;-1.96;-6.57%
US 23.73;+0.59;+2.55%
7.Crude $73.66/bbl;
8.Sensex +17;16307

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
Monsieur Sarkozy Calls For New Bretton Woods,criticizes globalization.Read more here
Bank investments in MFs fall 75%. Read more here
 1.BDI 3118;-87;-2.71%
2.US Dollar Index up 0.32(78.75). Rupee 4  paise down v Dollar @46.22.  Read more here and here.
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 268.762(-5.113)
4.Gold $1087/oz;Gold Tumbles On Firm Dollar before Federal Decision.Read more here
5.Silver $532/kg;
 India   28.92;+3.1;10.6%
US 23.14;-1.41;-5.74%
7.Crude $73.78/bbl;
8.Sensex -491;16290

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
 1.BDI 3205;-18;-0.55%
2.US Dollar Index up 0.01(78.43). Rupee 9  paise up v Dollar @45.86. U.S. President Barack Obama's move to seek a three-year freeze on domestic spending in his 2011 budget added to downward pressure in Asian stocks. China's tightening left Commodities weak and the Dollar strong.

Obama, under pressure from deficit hawks, will seek a three-year freeze on domestic spending that would save $250 billion by 2020, administration officials said on Monday. Read more here and here.
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 273.875(-2.868)
4.Gold $1097/oz;.
5.Silver $544/kg;
 India   25.82
US 25.55;-0.86;-3.38%
7.Crude $74.67/bbl;-0.13
8.Sensex Markets closed due to Holiday.
Ukrain:-   black-lung.Read more here 
Telengana problem continues.Short term damage to all Businesses, and especially IT and IYeS is high,as per reports.
RBI likely to raise key rates - EY.Read more here
Recession and India's balance of payments. Read more here
Next bear market phase starting: Prechter.Read here.

1.BDI 3223;+19;+0.58%
2.US Dollar Index up 0.10(78.42). Rupee 22  paise up v Dollar @45.95. Yen up on China Monetary news.
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 276.743(+1.143)
4.Gold $1097/oz;.
5.Silver $545/kg;
 India   25.82,+0.97,+3.76% ;
US 25.41;-1.90;-6.96%
7.Crude $74.8/bbl;
8.Sensex -79;16779

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hot issues of the week
4.Credit ratings of Greece etc.
5.Western Economy.
7.Liability Clause Bill Nuclear Deal of India
8.Inflation.Food prices soaring.
9.Nifty The other indicators such as the put/call ratio (PCR) and the volatility index also present a downward bias.Similarly, the Nifty put/ call ratio - the ratio of trading volume of put to call options - declined to 1.01 from 1.27 on January 4.
Though generally a fall in the PCR indicates a positive bias, according to derivative analysts, nowadays it acts as a contrarian indicator as more call writers (sellers) have emerged, signalling their confidence in the market downfall.
The PCR is one of the popular tools used by traders to check for oversold (more sellers) or overbought (more buyers) zones.
10.Market fall to continue as F&O expiry, RBI policy to weigh.Read here and here.

Very high open interest which has risen over Rs 1, 25,000 crore means that unwinding of long positions can apply further pressure on prices. Put call ratio on index options has dropped close to 1. This implies that short positions that can cushion a fall have already been pared in the decline recorded last week.
FIIs were net sellers in four out of the last five sessions and they pulled out over Rs 2,400 crore on Friday alone. Domestic institutions bought stocks worth Rs 2,000 crore on that day.

Carry trade,will be reduced thanks to the strong Dollar.Read here.
11.Obama's Reforms.
12.SEBI cracks the whip on FIIs. Read more here
13.US VIX 27.31;up 22.63%

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nearly 2 lakh farm suicides since 1997 .Read more here
Telengana problem continues.Centre likely to announce time-bound panel soon.Read more here

 FIIs sell Rs 12,000 cr in Nifty, stock futures .Read more here
Obama Plan.Read  here, here,here,here and here.

1.BDI 3204;+34;+1.07%
2.US Dollar Index down 0.10(78.26). Rupee 11  paise down v Dollar @46.11. Commodities fall on strong Dollar.
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 275.6(-1.9)
4.Gold $1091/oz;.
5.Silver $546/kg;
 India   24.85,+1.35,+5.5% ;
7.Crude $74.09/bbl;-0.45;-0.60%
8.Sensex -193,16858

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
Inflation.Read  here.
Market overheat

1.BDI 3170;+12;+0.38%
2.US Dollar Index down 0.23(78.17). Rupee 29 paise down v Dollar @46.00. Commodities fall on strong Dollar.Read more here.
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 277.5(-2)
4.Gold $1093/oz;.
5.Silver $559/kg;
 India   23.5,+1.21,+5.15% ;
7.Crude $75.74/bbl.
8.Sensex -423,17051  China Monetary Policy results in panic selling by FIIs.Poor Q3 numbers.Obama Plan.

Telengana problem continues.

Normal life in Hyderabad and nine other districts of the Telangana region came to a halt.Read more here.

Railways may raise freight rates for bulk items.Read more here.

RBI allows futures trading in euro, yen, pound sterling .Read more here.

1.BDI 3158;-51;-1.56%

2.US Dollar Index up(78.48). Rupee 18 paise down v Dollar @45.71 as Oil refiners buy Dollars. Read more here.

China lending worry hits stocks; euro tumbles.Read more here.

3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 279.483(-4.235)

4.Gold $1111/oz;.

5.Silver $575/kg;


India 22.29,-0.05,-0.22% ;19-Jan-2010 20.68 22.48 20.65 22.34 21.55 0.79 3.67

7.Crude $77.73/bbl.

8.Sensex -11.57,17472

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
1.BDI 3209;-84;-2.84%
2.US Dollar Index down(77.76). Rupee 19 paise down v Dollar @45.53
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 283.248(+1.848)
4.Gold $1138/oz;
5.Silver $602/kg;
India 21.55,+0.79,+3.54% ;
7.Crude $78.00/bbl.
8.Sensex -155,17486
Telengana problem continues.
Abu Dhabi's Dubai aid shrinks to $5 billion
1.BDI 3299;
2.US Dollar Index down(77.02). Rupee 20 paise up v Dollar @45.34. .Greece's swelling debt makes euro fall to a 10-day low against the dollar.More here
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 281.4(0)
4.Gold $1137/oz;.
5.Silver $603/kg;
India 21.55,-0.25,-1.16% ;
7.Crude $78.00/bbl.Oil falls to three-week low near $77 per barrel.More here.
8.Sensex +87,17641

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nifty5180-5200 support zone under threat
Implied Volatility is at 18.59%, which,  is unsustainable.
Market correction possible. FIIs have been  ‘shorting’ stock futures and  are selling in cash, along with buying of some ‘out-of-money’ Put options. The support zone of 5180-5200 is certainly under threat. Read here.
Hot issues of the week
4.Credit ratings of Greece etc.Read here.
5.Western Economy.
7.Liability Clause Bill Nuclear Deal of India
8.Inflation.Food prices soaring.
Till the USA increases interest rate, carry trade,will be on the higher side.
For 15/1/10:-
Telengana problem continues.
PSU oil refiners on a sticky wicket in Q4.More here.
Disinvestment talks trigger buying in PSUs .More here.
Banks pull out Rs 1,00,000 crore from MFs in 15 days.More here.
Traders short Bank Nifty futures ahead of policy.More here.
1.BDI 3299;+64;+1.98%
2.US Dollar Index down(77.16). Rupee 28 paise down v Dollar @45.78. More here.The dollar charged higher against the euro, sending the oil price below $79 a barrel
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 281.4(-3.2)
4.Gold $1130/oz;.
5.Silver $591/kg;
India 21.80,+0.1,+0.48% ;
US 17.91,+0.28;+1.59%
7.Crude $77.95/bbl.
8.Sensex -31,17554

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
1.BDI 3175;+15;+0.47%
2.US Dollar Index down(76.75). Rupee 21 paise up v Dollar @45.46. Euro rises,as Asian central banks were seen buying the pair and stop-loss orders were hit above a previous high of $1.4557.More here.
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 285.15(+.63)
4.Gold $1137/oz;.
5.Silver $600.58/kg;
6.India VIX 21.99,-0.09,-0.41% ;US VIX 17.85,-0.40;-2.19%
7.Crude $79.69/bbl.
8.Sensex +75,17498

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
Creation of food shortage 
IOC to raise Haldia refinery capacity by 25%.More here
1.BDI 3160;+12;-0.38%
2.US Dollar Index down(77.05). Rupee 34 paise down v Dollar @45.44.  China raises reserve ratio by 0.5 per cent,& Stock markets and commodities fell in Asia, on concerns that China's rapid economic rebound would slow, curbing demand for natural resources and other imported goods from around the region.More here.
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 284.52(-6.46)
4.Gold $1128/oz;.
5.Silver $588/kg;
6.India VIX  22.08,+0.40,+1.8% ;US VIX 18.25,+0.70;+3.99.20%)
7.Crude $80.20/bbl.
8.Sensex -104,17423

Monday, January 11, 2010

Telengana problem continues.

IOC fire.Read here.

1.BDI 3148;+8;-0.26%

2.US Dollar Index down(77.49). Rupee 35 paise up v Dollar @45.11. The US dollar fell, after US jobs data disappointed. The dollar index, a gauge of its value against a basket of currencies, fell 0.6 per cent.Rupee's rally stalled by PSU banks dollar buying.More here.

3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 290.98(-1.592)

4.Gold $1151/oz;.

5.Silver $596/kg;

6.India VIX 22.68,+0.11,+0.49% ;US VIX 17.55,-0.58,(-3.20%)

7.Crude $82.05/bbl.Oil steady on demand, dollar.Read here

8.Sensex -14,17527

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Market Outlook
1.High Liquidity, Dollar carry Trade and FII Driven.
2.Divestment Of PSUs.
3.Interest rate low.
5.P/E high.
6.Inflation and high Food and Crude prices.
7.US,UK,Japan and Eurozone and their banks in trouble.
Delicately poised with a negative bias.
Hot issues of the week


2.Iran.IOC to pay in euro for imports via Iran ship.Read here.

3.Venezeula devalues currency.Read here.

4.Credit ratings of Greece etc.Read here and here.

5.Western Economy.


7.Liability Clause Bill Nuclear Deal of India

8.Inflation.Food prices soaring.

Till the USA increases interest rate, carry trade,will be on the higher side.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Telengana problem continues.

RBI may raise CRR by 0.5%: Macquarie.Read here.

SEBI standardises lot size for equity derivatives .According to analysts, the rising rupee would put strong pressure on IT companies, especially small ones.Read here.

FII offloads small-cap IT stocks.Read here.

More time for Nifty futures trading on SGX.Read here.

Curbs on steel imports lifted; auto industry can breathe easy.Read here.

China raises interest rate.

1.BDI 3140,-9;-0.29%

2.US Dollar Index up(77.49). Rupee 21 paise up v Dollar @45.46.

3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 290.98(+0.449)

4.Gold $1137/oz;.

5.Silver $594/kg;

6.India VIX 22.50,-0.7,0.30%;US VIX 18.13;-0.93;(-4.88%)

7.Crude $82.94/bbl.

8.Sensex -75,17541

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Telengana problem continues. Reliance installations attacked.
Karnataka government clears a Rs 30,000 crore investment proposal by Mittal. Read here.
Electric panels worth Rs.70 lakh were stolen from the premises of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) plant in Dadri in Greater Noida, Read here.

1.BDI 3149,-110;-03.38%
2.US Dollar Index up(77.99). Rupee 1 paisa up v Dollar @46.07.
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 290.531(-3.246)
4.Gold $1130/oz;.
5.Silver $584/kg;
6.VIX 19.06;-0.10;(-0.52%)
7.Crude $82.61/bbl.Oil slips below $83 as China signals tighter policy and  the U.S. dollar rose against the euro and yen, due to weak German and euro-zone data,and comments from Japan's new finance minister that he wanted the yen to weaken more.

8.Sensex -85,17616

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Telengana problem continues.

1.BDI 3259,11;-0.34%

2.US Dollar Index up(77.38). Rupee 43 paise up v Dollar @45.68. Dollar falls against Euro,after U.S. Federal Reserve's latest policy meeting suggested the possibility of more stimulus measures for the economy but rises, Vs Yen.Japan finance minister,Hirohisa Fujii's resignation weighs on yen.The U.S. economy is still in trouble.

3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 293.777(+4.368)

4.Gold $1138/oz;.

5.Silver $583/kg;

6.VIX 19.16;-1.64(-0.98%)

7.Crude $83.17/bbl

8.Sensex +15,17701

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Telengana problem continues.
1.BDI 3270,+130;+4.14%
2.US Dollar Index  up(77.68).dollar strengthened  as U.S. pending home sales fell 16 percent in November. Rupee 18 paise up v Dollar @46.11. Dollar falls against Yen also.
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 289.409
4.Gold $1117/oz;
5.Silver $571/kg;

6.VIX 19.35;-1.64(-3.44%)

7.Crude $81.48bbl

8.Sensex +127,17686

Monday, January 04, 2010

Telengana problem continues,and may result in huge revenue losses for Andhra Pradesh's Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).Read here.
Crude Oil rose to $81.62 a barrel, on news that Russia has halted oil supplies to Belarus and on cold in the USA.Commodities rose on Dollar weakness.
1.BDI 3140,+134;+4.49%
2.US Dollar Index up(77.42). Rupee 32 paise up v Dollar @46.29
3.Reuters/Jeffries CRB index 289.343(+6.0).
4.Gold $1121/oz;+25
5.Silver $567/kg;+22

6.VIX 20.04;-1.64'(-7.56%)

7.Crude $81.62/bbl

8.Sensex +94,17559

Sunday, January 03, 2010

 issues of the week
3.Iraq - Iran stand-off
4.Credit ratings of Greece etc.
5.Western Economy.
6.H1N1.Ukraine toll 727.EU to sue WHO.READ HERE.
8.Holiday season .Markets to remain subdued.
9.Gata sues US Fed Reserve.READ HERE.
10.India's bio-Fuel policy. India may face, shortages of Water and Food,(due to subtle anti-National clause/s) without which survival is impossible,and this may lead to DEPOPULATION.A bleak future awaits India due to the wrong policies of MM Singh,member Club Of Rome and former IMF.US Bio-Tech Firms will get an opportunity to push their GMO products using this as an excuse.
11.China and Russia stealing the thunder.
12.Inflation.Food prices soaring.

Till the USA increases interest rate, carry trade,will be on the higher side.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Telengana problem continues
US Dollar Index up(77.92). Rupee 21 paise down v Dollar @46.61