Global Finance In 2015,AS PER REPORTS ON THE NET!

Gold price smashing and India's Gold Monetization Scheme have a connection.That is,scaring Indians, into selling their Gold into the said scheme!
It is reported that the central banks have sold their Gold at high prices,and they want buy them back at lower prices,after smashing the same.
The vested interest also,want the money to flow into equities,instead of Gold,so that the US Dollar could be strong.
Cashless Society,for confiscating the wealth of Indians via NIRP,is being planned.
NIRP will be ineffective with cash around.
Land,Silver,Gold,Cash and other tangibles are taboo,in a Cashless Society,which will be in force in India by 2018,as per reports.Cashless Society and the resultant,Electronic Transactions,will help the Hackers a lot,as an "entry point", is being provided to them,via the Electronic Transfer,which in "ordinary" Banking,is NOT available to the Hackers.
.......but by smart moves,in the changed and changing scenario,it is possible to increase one's wealth!

IMF And World Bank DICTATORSHIP Of India Under M M Singh


KEEPs In Touch With People

KEEPs In Touch With People
What A Sign!

MM Singh Is Destroying India

MM Singh is destroying India
         Over a period of a few days,I shall demonstrate why MM Singh is destroying India.

     The above photo is from thehindu,dated 28/8/2012.

The above EVIL-LOOKING Photo is from THIS link.
1.Though not a Politician,he is suspected to have been PLANTED,at about the age of 60,in India's political circles and corridors of Power, by the Rothschilds and the IMF, and is suspected to be controlled by them.Read HERE.His association with these two, is through his being the Governor of the Reserve Bank Of India,and possibly his teaching career in the UK,as a Professor of Economics,in Cambridge University.He also seems to have got his higher educational, degrees from the UK.
        Before M M Singh became PM[2004],India's Fiscal Position was very good,with a Current Account Surplus.As soon as he got the PM post,the CAD began to increase!

The Rothschilds are reported to have a penchant for bankrupting nations using PRIVATIZATION.

This is why the USA,UK,Greece and many other European nations find their economies collapsing !
2.He is a former IMF employee,which is also reported to be controlled by the Rothschilds.
3.He is a member,Club Of Rome, is a Globalist,like the Rothschilds and hence is not a Nationalist.Hence his patriotism is suspect.If a person is not patriotic,what can be expected of him?Anti-Indian policies.And those exactly,are the diktats from the IMF and possibly,the Rothschilds,to him.
4.His suspected PLANTING is for ushering in ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT or the New World Order,NWO.For this India should be made to lose her Sovereignty.His policies,are exactly for that purpose.In 2007,in an International Conference On Federalism, in New Delhi,he has suggested that nations lose their Sovereignty/ies.Read HERE
5.He is also suspected to have made monkeys of Indians in the ONLY two Gold transactions,by the RBI, namely:
i.The 47 MT Gold swap with the Bank Of England,and 20 MT with Union Bank Of Switzerland,in 1990s,when he was Finance Minister.Read here.
ii.The purchase of 193MT of Gold from the IMF,when he was and is Prime Minister.

Both of the above deals are suspected to have resulted in India getting Tungsten plated with Gold,for her pure Gold and money of about Rs 344 Billion!The Rothschilds were involved with the LBMA till 2004,They are reported to control the Bank Of England.Their interests in Gold is well-
known.In addition, the Currencies are being deliberately wrecked by the Globalists.So ONLY Gold or other tangibles,will have any value from now on,and not the FIAT currencies.
6.Globalists always divide the Nation by always supporting Minorities UNJUSTLY. But MM Singh's assertion :-"The right to resources[in India], FIRST belong to the Minorities,especially The Mulsims"",is absurd,arrogant and treating Indians as Idiots,as he is NOT even ELECTED!          
       Such things require one to be a great actor and MM Singh,seems more than a versatile one!READ HERE.But,many a time he has made contradictory statements.His comments on Indian Agriculture viz a viz the Industry is a very fine example.He sometime supports India Agri Sector and other times prefers Industry to the former.His latest stand is ,his preference to industry,which is not hard to understand.The Globalists want to create food shortage to push GMO in India,and thus favour the US Biotech giants.They use Derivatives to increase not only the price of food items but manipulate those of  other commodities like Gold,Silver,Crude Oil etc.
    The other one that comes to my mind is his view on the Social Security for Unorganized Contract Labour in India.Of course his behaviour during the times of the so called "Indo-US Nuclear Deal",discussions,was so secretive,Dictatorial,under US bullying, blatantly,pro- USA and anti-India.                                                                         
   In 2008,the Indian Left withdrew its support to the UPA,as it was against the deal with the USA,who later, is suspected to have used the Italian Woman,some Indian Oligarchs and reportedly Rs 20 crores to each of those who voted for the Bill,by proxy,in the "No Confidence Motion",that was tabled in the Indian Parliament.As India has by this time become the lackey of the USA,the latter punished MM Singh,by seeing to it that it was the Italian Woman and not MM Singh,who was invited for Beijing Olympics.Read Here
   It is to be noted that MM Singh does not enjoy the confidence of his party members,as he is UNELECTED,which is undemocratic.He did not have the political skills to force the issue with regard to deal mentioned above.
   The Rothschilds through their Eranda Foundation have started a Scholarship in MM Singh's name in Cambridge for Indian students.In 2004,they began to increase their business activities in India,when MM Singh was lucky to land in India's top job,and at the same time abandoned their longtime involvement in LBMA,which is reported to have been quite lucrative,
From then on they were awarded some very prestigious and dangerous(for India)
jobs,even to the extent of getting involved in Govt Of India's policy decisions,like the Divestment of its PSUs,the Financial Restructuring of Air India,which was rejected by the latter,and as the e-Bankers in the 3G spectrum auction,which fetched both the UPA and the Rothschilds huge amounts.
The Head of the UK India Business Forum formed after the recent visit of the British Premier,Mr David Cameron,is a Vice Chairman of M/S N M Rothschilds India.It is believed that the bold initiative of Mr Cameron,is due to the Rothschilds and their enormous influence on and control over MM Singh.
It is also suspected that the Rothschilds have an eye on the 18000MT of Gold,the Indian households possess.
The Rothschilds are very much image-conscious.They desire this of those,they control too.Thus the image of MM Singh is that of a "clean" person.In the,first link of this article there is a Video,in which,the Rothschilds,claim and boast that their Offshore Banks can HIDE the custromers' Wealth!
  But there was a report in the Times Of India,online edition,dated,24/5/2010,that,"A special audit has found that Rs 5 crore released for special publication of works on Jawaharlal Nehru and C Rajagopalachari was illegally diverted to a trust, which is headed by Sonia Gandhi and has the PM and Karan Singh as trustees".Read here
      Note: When I checked this link,I found it has been removed and had to provide a cached copy from Google!Guess who can be behind this!                                                                                                                                                    
      Later the Indian Ministry Of "Culture",came out with a statement,that,it has accepted the "explanation" of the Trust,regarding an act,which seemed to have been mala fide.Read here.
     But a reputed Historian,not satisfied with the statement of the Ministry Of "Culture", is of the view that POWER,as usual, has been "misused",and that  there are more than 40 points to be answered to the queries of the Auditors and this is only one among them.
    At the end of the UPA I rule before the elections in 2009,the CAG came out with an audit, in which the MM Singh Government "dismissed",the shortage of Rs 50000 Crores, as "missing".
   UPA I had also looted India of Rs 2,80,795 Crores,possibly used as a pre-election gimmick. 

     It is worth mentioning,that these people,who divert a "mere",Rs 5 crore,handle,lakhs of Crores of Rupees,annually,on behalf of the Indian Citizens!!!
     The scam, regarding the 2G spectrum sales,CWG,Adarsh Society etc involving the Indira Congress party is rocking India,but the thick-skinned Con Artist considers himself an Angel as always,and is NOT prepared to appear before a JPC.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
   MM Singh is also afraid of the Right To Information Act.
The decision,to buy about 200MT of "Gold",A SECOND TIME,from the IMF,was cancelled suddenly without assigning any reason, after some bloggers raised doubts,regarding the purchase of 193 MT "IMF Gold",earlier by the RBI.There has been no news of sales of Gold by IMF to the RBI a second time,so far.
   As an aside,I am providing a LINK,as to what is wrong with the FIAT MONEY,which is being exploited by the International Bankers to bankrupt Nations.
   There are doubts about the UPA getting more seats in the 2009,Lok Sabha Elections,as the EVMs are suspect,more so,as P Chidambaram,who was declared defeated initially,was later declared "elected",by a margin of about 4000 votes.It has,since been proven that the Indian EVMs can be hacked and the results manipulated.The EVMs do not keep records and hence no verification is possible!It is worth noting that P Chidambarm is Harvard-educated,and Harvard is reported to be a CIA front.The Election Commission,did not accede to the request of the Opposition parties to eschew the EVMs in favour of the Ballot papers.It is strange, that the Congress party did not have any opposition to the use of EVMs.In addition the USA had high stakes in the said,elections,as it was negotiating(actually,bullying India into,signing)the "Indo-US Nuclear Deal" with the UPA,and hence was interested in the latter's retaining the power by hook or crook.It is to be mentioned that the Bush Admn II,increased the CIA personnel in New Delhi,while the negotiations for the said deal were on.And thus,the first casualty of the destruction process is/was the Indian Democratic Republic itself,which is one of the main aims of the Globalists.
     It is well-known that Israel is the child of the Rothschilds.Pun intended.One of the first things,that the MM Singh's UPA II Government did in 2009, was to send an Indian Navy Ship,INS Brahmaputra,on a four-day, friendly visit to Israel.This,thus,confirms the hold of the Rothschilds on MM Singh.
    During the noisy discussion on th 2G spectrum,CWG and Adarsh Society  scams,the son on Law of the House Of The Rothschilds,Amartya Sen,came supporting the Con Artist MM Singh.This further shows the high stakes the Rothschilds have in having MM Singh as the PM of India.The State Dinner in the White House for the Con Artist MM Singh by Obama,was attended by Amartya Sen and Emma Rothschilds.
    Talking of Israel and CIA,assassinations and False Flags,are regular occurrences as their means to political ends.True to their notoriety,an aged Hindu Religious Leader was assassinated,in Kandhamal,Odisha, by the Maoists,in 2008,resulting in a Hindu backlash against Christians,as the Jesuit Missionaries,are suspected to be helping the Maoists and the Christian Terrorists in North Eastern India.A similar Hindu backlash occurred against Muslims,after the latter burnt alive about 60 innocent Hindu Men,Women and Children on a pilgrimage,in a train compartment, in Godhra,Gujarat.The fact that the Jesuits want Shri Narendra Modi's(Gujarat CM's),blood and that he was denied a Visa to the USA,lends credence to this fact.It is to be noted that,like all Indian nationalists,Shri Narendra Modi is also against conversion .
      These two are suspected to be the,"usual" Jesuit conspiracy, to create "religious divisions",among,especially, different non-Christian communities.The Maoists' abduction of four Policemen and killing one of them in Lakhisarai in Bihar,recently, is also a False Flag,of the Congress party-CIA-Jesuit combine,as elections are due in that State in October/November this year.When the incident was being debated in online newspapers,some bloggers began to claim that this was a Jesuit conspiracy,a la Kandhamal.To avoid any doubts,it seems,a Christian Policeman was the one who was murdered,and the other three released by the Maoists,as they found that their "image",was getting tarnished,by the public outcry,for strict action/s against them. This also establishes a connection of the Congress party and the Maoists,as shown by the following facts:-
i.The last Home Minister under UPA I,Shivraj Patil,simply kept looking on without taking any action,as the Maoists were on the rampage.
ii.The Maoist problem is MORE in non-Congress party ruled States.
iii.The present Home Minister is also a bit,wary of the Maoists and instead of blaming the true terrorists,he warned recently,of,  "saffron terror",a derogatory  and favourite term of the Jesuits,for the docile Hindus.Chidambaram thanked the JESUITS,soon after, for their contribution in the educational field,though there are reports that,in SECULAR INDIA: -
i.In Jesuit-run schools denigration of Hindu Gods and Goddesses is very common.
ii.Hindu girl students are not allowed in Jesuit-run schools,to wear the traditional bangles and  "Tilak",or the "dot" on the forehead,as it is contemptuously termed in certain places.
.  The Leader of the Congress party,the Italian Woman is a Jesuit.She is suspected to have been planted in India by the erstwhile USSR and the Opus Dei.
   As if to emphasize the tremendous influence of the Russian Government on her,the following are noteworthy:-
a.The 2 G Spectrum scam is being kept "SECRET" by the UPA,actually,the Indira Congress party,as a report , mentions the involvement of SYSYTEMA,a telecom Co of Russia,which seems to have been given undue considerations,like the deal mentioned above, with an Indian Co,Shyam telecon and other Russain deals like Nuclear,Weapons etc. resulting the big scam and the incarceration of Mr.Raja,the former Telecom Minister.
b.As per a report o 9/10/2011/Mikhail Gorbachev has written the Foreword,for a bio on the Italian Woman by a British NRI.
She is a blue-blooded Catholic,who had seen to it that Millions of Hindus were Converted,and is the force behind the contemptuous conversion activities of Ron Watts,an Evangelist.When she married the non-Christian,elder son of Indira Gandhi,she converted him to Christianity,though the Indian custom is that the bride will choose the religion of the Husband.
     The photo below,was used by Watts to scare Indian Judges,when he was to be deported for resorting to Conversions,in South India,on a Tourist Visa to India.Here you see the Evangelist with the Italian Woman.
   Later Ron Watts,reportedly,claimed arrogantly, that he had met the quota of converting certain lakhs of Hindus to Christianity.
  The Globalists.prefer the Minorities to rule over th majority,in any nation.In France, it is Hungarian Sarkozy,in India the Italian Woman,and in the USA,a particular Minority community.
  The Antrix-Devas mala fide  deal,is the current scam in which MM Singh has been caught red-handed,yet again.
  The above is an example of the type of secret deals[deliberately signed] that the Rothschilds,the USA,the IMF and the World bank are reported to get,by planting Leaders in nations like India.The resources of the nation,[Spectrum and other waves,raw materials,water,mines etc],will be at the disposal of the four mentioned above.
  MM Singh is in a hurry to impose the Rothschilds,IMF and World Bank diktats as shown by:-
1. FTAs are signed or negotiated with Nations or Groups of them,like EU etc without consulting the Parliament and ignoring the general opposition from the affected people.FTAs destroy local businesses and hence people.It is also used to make nations LOSE Sovereignty as no National Laws apply,to FTAs.
   On 10/11/2011,SAFTA has been announced by MM Singh,and about 455 items,to be imported, will enjoy "NIL DUTY",from the other SAARC nations.India's local businesses will be destroyed.For exports STIMULI will be offered.So RBI will have to print notes.This will raise inflation and the cost of living will be up and value of the Rupee in REALTERMS will further go down.It is worth noting the value of the Rupee has gone down too much in the last two years,as the Oligarchs were offered tax rebates to the tune of Rs 5 Lakh Crores,in the last two Budgets.It is worth noting that this announcement has been made, just after the G 20 meeting!
2. GMO and vaccination trials being carried out secretly,disregarding many guidelines.This is the Globalists' deception to depopulate.
3.Approval of Nuke Plants without considering the abundant Thorium India has and the opposition from the general public.That is both the scientific and popular oppositions are being ignored,with utter contempt.
4.MM Singh is running away from Delhi either on Foreign tours or to other States within India when he has to face tough questions from the Parliament.He is giving his biased opinions from these places.He also resorts to childish excuses and lies.Contempt of a Nation's Parliament is a specialty of the Globalists and MM Singh is one,being member,Club Of  Rome,a Globalist body.
5.Secret deals like the failed Devas/Antriz/ISRO, one shows that MM Singh cannot be trusted.This is also against the nation's interest and Sovereignty.
6.Petrol,Gas Cylinders' prices are being raised regularly without caring for the poor.Inflation is very high and shown  to be low,by faking the reports.
   This being the case can MM Singh be called anything,but a TRAITOR of India?
What the IMF and BIS do.
   To emphasize MM Singh's mala fide intentions as regards India,he along with about 8 other Ministers, including Prananb Mukherjee and 2 Bureaucrats,was in the USA[ostensibly for addressing the UN General Assembly] at the same time,in September 2011,for get a loan of $ 1 TRILLION! India's Debt[52% of the GDP] is about $ 2 Trillion and GDP about slightly less than $4 Trillion.This loan would have raised the Debt to GDP ratio to about 75%,at a time when the whole Global economy and International trade are on shambles.But you might have guessed the reasons:-
1. Bankrupting India.The aim of the IMF and the World bank,and for which he has been PLANTED in the first place.
2.Huge bribes and transfer of Wealth by THEFT,for personal gains,at the nation's cost.
[Greece 2011 = India 1990.Papademos = MM Singh-clone.Both Nations,in the grip of the International Bankers with these two as FRONTS.MM Singh member Club Of Rome,Papa member Trilateral Commission.Both were Bankers.Add Libya and Italy!!!].All the Leaders in Libya,Greece and Italy,like MM Singh,have NOT been ELECTED by popular vote but PLANTED by OUTSIDERS,the International Bankers.
         MM Singh and his masters use this method to get their policies implemented in India:-
i.Create a PROBLEM.
ii. Aggravate it.
iii.Offer,"THEIR" Policies as remedies!
         As pointer to what MM Singh is doing to the nation,the UNIONS of all the political parties of India,including that of the Indira Congress party are to go on a Nation-wide strike, on the 28th February,2012.This shows that the majority of the Nation are UNHAPPY with MM Singh and his anti-India policies,on the diktats of his,Western Masters.
        .But the most treacherous is the,intention,to  give away of Sia Chen to Pakistan under US pressure.This is yet another extremely treacherous act by MM Singh. India should never forget Kargil.But would a TRAITOR listen?
        When M M Singh became PM in 2004,the PSU Oil marketing Cos introduced the LIE.called,"UNDER-RECOVERIES".the amount for 2011/12,is a whopping Rs 1,38,000 CRORES.So,for the last 8 years a huge amount per year is,being given to the  OMCs. Where does this amount go?
       Thus the so-called "under-recoveries" is a huge scam,occurring,EVERY YEAR!
        The HISTORY behind "UNDER-RECOVERIES".
        In 2008,on the diktat of the IMF and Bush,he started the Stimulus,weakening the Rupee considerably.Indians were made extremely poor due to loss in the purchasing power of the Rupee.

To be continued......