Global Finance In 2015,AS PER REPORTS ON THE NET!

Gold price smashing and India's Gold Monetization Scheme have a connection.That is,scaring Indians, into selling their Gold into the said scheme!
It is reported that the central banks have sold their Gold at high prices,and they want buy them back at lower prices,after smashing the same.
The vested interest also,want the money to flow into equities,instead of Gold,so that the US Dollar could be strong.
Cashless Society,for confiscating the wealth of Indians via NIRP,is being planned.
NIRP will be ineffective with cash around.
Land,Silver,Gold,Cash and other tangibles are taboo,in a Cashless Society,which will be in force in India by 2018,as per reports.Cashless Society and the resultant,Electronic Transactions,will help the Hackers a lot,as an "entry point", is being provided to them,via the Electronic Transfer,which in "ordinary" Banking,is NOT available to the Hackers.
.......but by smart moves,in the changed and changing scenario,it is possible to increase one's wealth!

IMF And World Bank DICTATORSHIP Of India Under M M Singh


KEEPs In Touch With People

KEEPs In Touch With People
What A Sign!

Friday, May 30, 2014


1.Sensex falls by 16.81 points.  [24216]
2.Gold August 2014 Futures quoting at Rs 25810 / 10 grams.Premium now,is about 4%.
Gold Rs  26716 / 10 grams
 Silver Rs 39718 / Kg
3.NG Rs 271 / mm Btu
4.Indian Crude Basket 29/5/2014
$/bbl          107.59
Rs/bbl 6330.60
At Rupee V Dollar 58.84
Last Fortnight    14 th  to 29th May, 2014; Rs 6330.90 per bbl
5.Rupee V US Dollar 59.10

Will be updated...............

Thursday, May 29, 2014


1.Expiry date,F & O.Sensex fell by 322 points.Many Cos reported shockingly low numbers.
2.Sensex -322   ; 24234
2.Gold Rs 26800 / 10 grams
3.Silver Rs 39870 / Kg
4.Brent $ 110.34/ bbl  [Ukraine]
5.Indian Crude Basket 28/5/2014
$/bbl          107.51
Rs/bbl 6351.69
At Rupee V Dollar 59.08
Last Fortnight    14 th  to 28th May, 2014; Rs 6330.90 per bbl
6.Rupee 59.03 V US Dollar
7.NG  rs 273/ mm Btu
8.US Dollar Index 80.43 at 2044 Hrs IST
Will be updated...............

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


1.Austria wants to Audit its Gold with BoE[80%]
2.Reportedly, an Australian  J P Morgan employee blows the whistle.
3.Gold and Silver price suppression,by manipulation reported on the internet.
Will be updated............


1.Tomorrow FO expiry.Volatility expected.
2.Sensex  6.58;   24456
3.Gold  Rs 26815 / 10 grams
Silver    Rs 40228 ; Kg
   Gold and Silver are getting smashed during expiry,recently!
4.Brent 110.44 $/bbl
5.NG   Rs 268/ mm Btu
6.Rupee V US Dollar  58.93 
7.US Dollar Index       80.47 
8.Indian Crude basket  26/5/2014
$/bbl                           108.05
Rs / bbl                      630.65
Exchange rate  Rupee V $         58.59
14th to 26 th May 2014  Rs     6323.95 / bbl
9.BDI $ 954 Below 200 DMA 1462
Will be updated.............

Sunday, May 25, 2014

WEEKLY TREND;25/5/2014

1.26/5/2014 Swearing-in of Shri Modi Ji as the PM of India.
Stocks may rise for sentimental reasons.The Market, seems to have reached the "euphoria" stage.
2.More and more news, of manipulation of Gold,Silver pricing are appearing on the net.
Will be updated........


Sensex 320;  24700 both approx
Gold Rs 27349 / 10 grams
Silver Rs 40797 / Kg
Brent $ 110.44
NG rs 257 / mm Btu
Indian Crude Basket 22/5/2014
$/bbl   108.28
Rs/bbl  6341.96
Exchange rate Rupee V US Dollar 58.57
14th to 22nd May 2014 Rs / bbl 6327.96
US Dollar Index 80.36
Will be updated..............

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Sensex    about  +76        ;          24374

Gold  MCX 27212   / 10 grams  
Silver  Rs 41044 Kg  .
BDI $  988;                     BELOW 200 DMA 1462
NG Rs 262/mm Btu
Brent $110.37 /bbl   [Fair price US $ 92/bbl]
Indian Crude Basket 21/5/2014
$/bbl          108.03
Rs/bbl 6348.92
At Rupee V Dollar 58.77
Last Fortnight    14 th  to 21th May, 2014; Rs 6326.27 per bbl
Re V US Dollar  58.47 
BitCoin $ 508 at  `1725 Hrs IST 21/5/2014


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


1.Experts question Belgium' ability to buy huge amounts of US Treasury Bonds.Suspect ECB is the one buying.
2.Gold imports liberalized.Price may fall to Rs 27400/ 10 grams,in 2-3 weeks.341 / 10 grams

Gold has fallen to Rs 27341 / 10 grams
Silver                    Rs 40906/ Kg
3.Finance Ministry's proposal  for the Modi Govt.Includes fighting Inflation and sops for Manufacturing.
Will be updated...........


1.Anandi Ben Patel is the CM of Gujarat.
2.Sensex -78 ;24298
3.Rupee 58.81 V US Dollar
4.Gold Rs 27341 / 10 Grams
5.Silver Rs 40905 /Kg
6.Brent $/bbl 110.03
7.NG Rs 266 /mm Btu
8.Indians Crude Basket  19/5/2014
$/bbl          107.83
Rs/bbl        6300.51
At Rupee V Dollar 58.43
Last Fortnight    14 th  to 15th May, 2014; Rs 6325.06 per bbl
9.BitCoin $ 494 at 1650 Hrs IST
10.US Dollar Index 80.07 and sharply increasing trend at the time of posting[1651 Hrs IST]
11. BDI $ 1010 .BELOW 200 DMA 1463
Will be updated............. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

UPA's Divestment,High Fiscal Deficit And Bankrupting India!

1.UPA kept the Fiscal Deficit high,by keeping the Rupee weak,so that the so-called "under-recoveries' claimed by the OMCs will be,higher,and hence the Fiscal deficit will be also be HIGHER.
2.The next step is Divesting the PSUs at a paisa a Rupee.
    A case in point is IOC.
Chidambaram wanted to Divest some shares of this Co at Rs 199/=,per Unit,and the prevailing price now is about rs 350/= per Unit!!!
3.Spending on Infrastructure on the diktat of the IMF,when what India needs is Crude oil and Gas.
4.Chidambaram and M M Singh have been driven out.
     Let us see,what the NDA does.
Will be updated...........


1.EU anti-trust regulators charge HSBC,J P Morgan and Credit Agricole with rigging Euro-linked benchmarks.
2.US Federal Reserve gets too much from Belgium [$ 141 Billion,compared to its small GDP],,for its QE and Bond purchases, and raises the doubts of those in the know.
3.ECB member Banks,admit Gold price manipulation:-suppression,as they do not seem to own PHYSICAL Gold.
4.The War On Gold,by the Western Financial System.Contains MP3
Will be updated..........

Monday, May 19, 2014


1.Shri Narendra Modi Ji is the, PM Of India.Will be sworn,in on the 26th May.
2.The corrupt,Dictatorial,Min0rity and Communal regime of M M Singh,not even  elected to the Lok Sabha,comes to an end.
3.Might Is Right.
Switzerland is meek in front o the USA but is arrogant with other nations,as regards its bank Secrecy!
   US "rightly",fines Credit Suisse,the Swiss bank,$ 2.6 Billion,for allowing Americans to avoid tax.Credit Suisse has admitted mistake.Switzerland's financial terrorism is condemnable.
UN should take action.
4.+14  ;      24376
Rupee 58.63 V US Dollar
Gold Rs 28174 / 10 grams
Silver Rs 40930 / Kg
Brent $ 109.47 / bbl
NG Rs 261 / mm Btu
5.Indian Crude Basket 19/5/2014
US $ 107.83 /bbl
Rs /bbl 6300.51
Exchange rate Rupee 58.43 to the US Dollar
14th to 19th May 2014  Rs 6325.06 ?bbl
6.US Dollar Index 80.03 , 1715 Hrs IST
 7.BitCoin $ 455.7
Will be updated...........


1.Many in the Indira Congress Party have multiple DINs,as pointed out by Dr.S.Swamy,who is going to file Criminal suits against them.
2.Sensex up by 241 points
3.Rupee 58.59 to the US Dollar
4.Gold Rs 28216 / 10 grams
NDA's win may REDUCE the price of Gold in India.Boost demand for Gold.
5.Silver Rs 41238 / Kg
6.Brent US $ 110.15/bbl
7.NG Rs 261 / mm Btu
8.Indian Crude Basket 16/5/2014
$ 107.49 / bbl
Rs/bbl 6326.86
14th to 16th May 2014 ,Rs 6342.43/ bbl
9.BDI for the 18th May 2014; $ 1027;200 DMA 1464
10.US Dollar Index 79.93 at 1944 Hrs IST

Sunday, May 18, 2014


1.CBI to question Damodaran and Sinha,in MCX-SX case.
2.Nitishkumar resigns as CM of Bihar.Indira Congress party to support JD(U).
3.SC orders interim ban on 26 mines in Odisha  
  • Will be updated...............

Saturday, May 17, 2014


1.UPA hikes railway pasenger and freight fares from the 20th instant.
2.[At last],M M Singh resigned at 12=45 Hrs,today.
Will be updated......

Friday, May 16, 2014


At 2020 Hrs IST
1.BJP wins the Lok Sabha elections.
Sensex rises by 1000 points and settles at 24121.74
2.Gold Rs 28905 / 10 grams
   Silver Rs 40977 /  Kg
   Rupee 58.79 V the US Dollar
3.Brent $ 109.53/bbl
4.NG Rs 261/mm Btu
Indian Crude Basket 15/5/2014
US $ /bbl 107.09
Rs / bbl    6368.64
Rupee V US Dollar Exchange rate 59.47
Last Fortnight 1th May 2014 to 15th May 2014 rs /bbl 6365.67
6.US Dollar Index 80.08 at 20 38 Hrs IST
Will be updated.......... 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Silver May Be Bullish

1.London Silver price Fixing by LBMA willl stop after 14th August 2014.
2.Ukraine problem.If War breaks out.Missiles will be used.Missiles need Silver
3.BitCoin mining requires, more powerful processors,in which Silver is used.
4.US Dollar collapse expected.
5.Debt of all Nations in the World may increase,except perhaps China.Printing of notes to continue.
6.THIS link says Gold may rise and Silver may fall.
7.THIS link says Silver would fall in the coming months.
8.   11/6/2014:-
THIS link mentions about August 14th 2014 and a Bullish Silver thereafter.
                      ECB announces stimulus.
Gold and Silver rise due to Gaza Conflict
LBMA new Silver Price Fix formed.
                        This is only an opinion.Please use your own Judgment.Follow this Blog at your own risk.
                        Markets are manipulated.Caveat Emptor
Will be updated......

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


1.List of people who "fix" the price of Gold.
3.Indian Crude Basket 14/5/2014
$/bbl          106.99
Rs/bbl        6406.58
At Rupee V Dollar 59.88

Last Fortnight  29th April, to  13 th May, 2014; Rs 6358.58 per bbl
4.NG $ 4.35 / mm Btu [Rs 258/mm Btu] falling Trend.
5.Rupee 59.29 V the US Dollar
6.US Dollar Index Falls to 80.03 at 2215 Hrs IST,due to weak Economy and rising Yen.
    Earlier,t about 1815 Hrs IST] Gold and Silver,fell sharply on a rise in the US Dollar Index.
7.Gold     Rs  28460 / 10 Grams
   Silver    Rs  41860/ Kg
Will be updated.........

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


1.Brent Crude above $109/bbl,due to :-
i.US inventory report due today
ii.Stocks low [US Government]
2,.Sensex -55;
3.Brent above $ 100/bbl.
4.GSK's UK executive accused by China of bribing.
Will be updated............


1.Sensex up by more than 300 points,as exit polls suggest a BJP-led,NDA victory.
2.J P Morgan to cut jobs.
3.Rupee 59.68 V US Dollar ;US Dollar Index 80 at 1837 Hrs IST.
4.Gold  Rs 28524 / 10 grams
5.Silver Rs 41860 /Kg
6.Indian Crude BASKET
US $ 105.58/bbl
Rs /bbl 6306.29
Re V US Dollar 59.73
Last Fortnight 29th April to 12th may 2014 Rs /bbl,  6361.75
7.Indian and other Asian economies suffer from Leverage and Twin deficits.
8.China's US $ 50 Billion,Asia Bank,a rival to the ADB snubs,India,Japan and the US.
9.Germany,admits Coal better than,"Renewable Energy". 
10.BDI $ 982 BELOW 200 MA 1465
This is alarming ,as the US Dollar is weak.Global Economy is in deep trouble.
11.India's 10 Year Bond Yield  8.78%
12.US Treasury 10 Year Bond Yield 2.61%
13.NG Rs 265/mm Btu
Will be updated...............

Monday, May 12, 2014


1.UPA allows raise in Diesel price by rs 1.09 per Litre!Daylight Robbery.Transfer of wealth from Indian Middle Class and poor[?] to the rich oil Oligarchs,Indian and Foreign!
2.Exit polls suggest NDA getting 290 seats.
3.IIP for march 2014.contracts by 0.5%
4.Sensex +557; 23551
Will be updated.............

Sunday, May 11, 2014

EEKLY TREND;11/5/2014

1.Stocks will be volatile,due to the lok Sabha Elections
2.RIL and its two MNcs collaborators, slap arbitration proceedings, against the UPA Govt[GOI],on Domestic Gas pricing.
Will be updated...........

Friday, May 09, 2014


1.Sensex +651; about 23000
2.VIX India 38
Above two record high.
3.Rupee 60.02 V US Dollar [US Dollar Index 79.67]
4.Brent US $ 108.61/bbl
5.Gold Rs 28620/10 grams at 1630 Hrs IST
   Silver Rs 41807 / Kg         "     "     "      " 
As per THIS link,London Gold Vaults are empty and the price of Gold may go up.
     As if,to counter this,there are many reports,that the price of Gold will fall to Rs 25500/10 Grams,in 2014.
6.Man,almost dies trying to snuggle Gold.thanks to the UPA's anti-India policy.
7.Iron ore price crashes to about US $ 103 per MT
Indian Crude Basket 8/5/2014
$/bbl          105.50
Rs/bbl        6328.95
At Rupee V Dollar 59.99

Last Fortnight  29th April, to  8 th May, 2014; Rs 6368.56
9.Bitcoin US $ 448 [1900 Hrs IST]
10.J P Morgan's simplification drive.Closes/freezes the accounts of all NON-US-Government officials.

Will be updated.............

Thursday, May 08, 2014


Sensex up by 20 points
LIBOR was a fraud and the US Federal Reserve knows it as per the author of the report in this link.
Indian Crude Basket about Rs 6310/bbl.
Libya Oil Blockade due to new PM continues.
Gold and Silver fall,on expectations of QE taper by the US Federal Reserve.
Rupee 60.01 V the US Dollar [US Dollar Index 79.24]
BDI is far less than its 200 DMA of about US $ 1461
     Indian Stocks rise on Liquidity and NOT on the basis of the Economy or the value of the stocks.
     The Rupee is kept weak for:-
i.Hiking the prices of petroleum fuels,as the so-called,"under-recoveries" claimed by the OMCs will be HIGH.
     This will BANKRUPT India due to HIGHER Fiscal Deficit, Divestment out of PSUs and Debt due to Infrastructure-spending..
ii.Keeping things costlier for Indians,especially Gold,so that money would be diverted into Equities!
Will be updated......

Wednesday, May 07, 2014


1.Yellen does not say,"when" the interest rates will be increased.
2.The USA may collapse, economically in 5 years.
   Rich-Poor gap widening in the USA,due to QE [printing of money]. 
3.Russia.Kazakhstan and Belarus to form Economic Union by 2015.
4.US Federal Reserve ignoring Derivatives.
   QE destroys economy.QE by backdoor, is US $ 100 Billion!
Will be updated......

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

News 6/5/2014

1.132 nations do not want JP Morgan, as banker for UN Missions.
2.Another way to suppress the prices of Gold and Silver!Thanks to CME
3.Gold's GOFO rate is negative for the one- and three- month period.Shows physical demand is high.
4.Frankfurt issues first Bond backed by renminbi.London,Singapore and Hong Kong are also doing the same.
Will be updated..........