Global Finance In 2015,AS PER REPORTS ON THE NET!

Gold price smashing and India's Gold Monetization Scheme have a connection.That is,scaring Indians, into selling their Gold into the said scheme!
It is reported that the central banks have sold their Gold at high prices,and they want buy them back at lower prices,after smashing the same.
The vested interest also,want the money to flow into equities,instead of Gold,so that the US Dollar could be strong.
Cashless Society,for confiscating the wealth of Indians via NIRP,is being planned.
NIRP will be ineffective with cash around.
Land,Silver,Gold,Cash and other tangibles are taboo,in a Cashless Society,which will be in force in India by 2018,as per reports.Cashless Society and the resultant,Electronic Transactions,will help the Hackers a lot,as an "entry point", is being provided to them,via the Electronic Transfer,which in "ordinary" Banking,is NOT available to the Hackers.
.......but by smart moves,in the changed and changing scenario,it is possible to increase one's wealth!

IMF And World Bank DICTATORSHIP Of India Under M M Singh


KEEPs In Touch With People

KEEPs In Touch With People
What A Sign!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

US Calls India Currency-Manipulator?

It is reported US suspects India,of Currency-Manipulation.This reminds one of the Wolf upstream,of a Lamb,in a River,accusing the latter of muddying the Water,in the famed Panchatantra Fables.
.The US & G 7 do the following:-
i. Manipulate Currencies to have the $ to   the desired value. The USD/Yen,"carry Trade",is too notorious,for this"Holier Than Thou" , attitude.The SDR Basket,is Basket case of ,blatant, manipulation.
ii.The one above in its turn manipulates the price of Gold,generally SUPPRESSED.
iii.Not to mention,the so-called QEs,,by the respective, Central Banks,"suitably ",TIMED!
The present Global Financial System led by the developed economies,is also NOT "that" sound,bordering on the fraud,due to the Derivatives,etc.
Kettle Pot case.
Will be updated.....

Sunday, November 12, 2017


1.Crude rising.OMCs down.ONGC rises.
2.Geo-Politics tense.
3.BitCoin down,but still higher.
4.$ BDI 1455
5.Infra , Banking stocks fancied.
6,China to reduce Steel Capacity  by 50%.Indian Steel stocks my rise.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

29th October 2017

1.Bank Recpitlization of Rs 2.11Lkh Crores announced.Banking stocks  rise.CRONY CAPITALISM continues from the,beginnig of the  90s.TAX payers lose.Oligarchs gain.
2.Crude rises,to $ 60.44/brrel, and so do ONGC etc.
3.BitCoin $ 5794
4.Hiking MIP.Demonetization and hasty GST crush the SMEs  & MSMEs.Job losses will create social problems like Crime[theft,Robberies] etc.
5.$ BDI 1546, & 200 DMA 1079

Saturday, August 12, 2017


1.Indices fall due to SEBI ban on shell cos.
2.SBI,BOB,OMCs post poor Q1 results.
3.5 to 10% correction expected in Markets.
4.After Q1,Public Sector Banks may be consolidated.PNB and BOB may be bought from November.
5.Gold and Silver rise,due to geopolitical tensions.
6.BitCoin $ 3780  !!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


1.Sensex tanks by about 364 points.Cess on Cigarettes,fall in ITC by about 15% and profit-booking,the reasons.
  Anyway,the Indices are high and euphoria,seems to ave set in,due to Liquidity.
2.Prez Trump's Obamacare repeal fails.Reforms may not happen.But rate hikes may also NOT happen.
3.ONGC-HPCl decison on 19/7/17
4.NHs may be offered for Operation and Maintenance,for 30 years.

Monday, July 17, 2017

GST regome from 1/7/17

1.India came under GST regime from 1/7/17.Huge volatility in the,market expected.Economy may suffer,in the immediate short-term.
2.Reported Inflation low.Rate cut expected on 2nd August 2017
3.Gold and Silver fall,the latter,massively,but recover a bit.Silver is still cheap.good buying opportunity,in small lots.
4.Massive correction expected in the coming days,in Sensex and Nifty,despite the anticipated,rate cut by the RBI on 2/8/17.
5.RBI gets enhanced Powers,to deal with the NPAs,though the reason for te high NPAs,was RBI's abysmal oversight.
Will be updated......

Thursday, May 18, 2017


1.Markets fell on fears of President Trump,IMPEACHMENT,which is very difficult,as:-
i)His son-in-law, is a strong factor, for support of Israel,he enjoys.It might be recalled,that it was his daughter who forced to contest for the post of the POTUS.
    Gold rises.
ii)He has supported Israel strongly.Any such action,will strengthen any US President
2.IMF article hints at $ being replaced by SDR.
3.BitCoin = $ 1823!
4.USD Index 97.62
5.Rupee V $ 64.91
Will be updated.......

Monday, March 06, 2017


Sensex 28832
Gold Rs 29020/10 grams
Silver Rs 42532/Kg
NG rs 187.10/mm Btu
Rupee 66.81 V $
Brent Rs 3556/bbl
USD Index 101.40
Bit Coin $ 1259
BDI $939
Own Physical Gold,as BOfA,has predicted H2 of 2017,for the Dow to collapse more than 52%,as per an article in Zerohedge!
Things to watch;-
8th March a famous IPO
US Federal rate hike
Ides Of march for US Debt Ceiling