Global Finance In 2015,AS PER REPORTS ON THE NET!

Gold price smashing and India's Gold Monetization Scheme have a connection.That is,scaring Indians, into selling their Gold into the said scheme!
It is reported that the central banks have sold their Gold at high prices,and they want buy them back at lower prices,after smashing the same.
The vested interest also,want the money to flow into equities,instead of Gold,so that the US Dollar could be strong.
Cashless Society,for confiscating the wealth of Indians via NIRP,is being planned.
NIRP will be ineffective with cash around.
Land,Silver,Gold,Cash and other tangibles are taboo,in a Cashless Society,which will be in force in India by 2018,as per reports.Cashless Society and the resultant,Electronic Transactions,will help the Hackers a lot,as an "entry point", is being provided to them,via the Electronic Transfer,which in "ordinary" Banking,is NOT available to the Hackers.
.......but by smart moves,in the changed and changing scenario,it is possible to increase one's wealth!

IMF And World Bank DICTATORSHIP Of India Under M M Singh


KEEPs In Touch With People

KEEPs In Touch With People
What A Sign!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Is Realty Sector a Cunning Ploy Bby Banks To Mint money?

There has been  a lot of talk about affordable housing,for a long time.
Realty Sector helps Banks gain a lot by way "HUGE" interests on Housing Loans.This sector,sometimes,"grabs" arable Land,which may create Food Shortage.Is this a ploy to usher US GMO Cos in India?
Will be updated..... 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Weekly Trend,20/12/15

1.Indians stocks may be volatile with a negative bias,even though reports suggest Bullishness due to OI ,put Options position.
2.$ 477,200 DMA 741.73,very low.And this is a leading indicator of Global Economy.
3.Brent $ 36.88/bbl
Oil Refinery Stocks and SCI look good.Please use proper stoploss.
Brent may fall to $ 29/bbl as per reports.
4.Gold and Silver look good for long term.One can buy in small lots on dips.If you are trading,please use proper stoploss,suitable to you.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Weekly Trend;6/12/15

1.Indian Stocks may rise,as Dow has risen on Friday,4/12/15.GST expectations add to this view,though overall Global picture is HIGHLY negative,what with Crude,Copper and Iron Ore prices very low.Dr Copper is an indicator of Global Economy and he is very weak!Of course,the US Federal Reserve rate hike is another point.Indian Rupee continues to be weak.66.70 v US Dollar
2.$BDI 563;200 DMA 743;Bad for Global economy and this is a leading indicator.
3.Brent Crude $ 43/bbl,expected to fall.At least not above $ 50/bbl,as per reports.Hence US Oil Junk Bonds are in trouble.OPEC has also not decided to cut output.
4.US Corporate Bonds are in trouble as well. 
5.Refinery Stocks look good at the moment,but staying away from the Market seems better.
6.Silver Rs 35198 /Kg
7.Gold Rs  25715/10 Grams
8.NMDC reduce price of Iron Ore drastically to Rs 1500 /MT from 3600.
      This stock can be bought at Rs 60/= and below,as any Divestment will make the GOI to manipulate its price.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

RBI's Policies Are Wrong

The RBI was the child of the BoE and it is suspected to be a puppet of the BIS and IMF.
  The following are bad for India:-
1.Forex Reserve contains a meagre percentage of Gold,consisting ,almost,entirely of FIAT Currencies.
   Gold has to be more in India's Forex Reserves.
Huge Forex Reserves,in FIAT  weakens India's Rupee making Indians poorer.More Gold in the same will weaken the US Dollar and hence strengthen the Rupee.This will make Indians preserve their wealth.
2.US Treasury Holdings are rising at a rapid rate WEAKENING the Rupee,while many other Nations are dumping the same.
3.RBI is anti-Gold due to BIS,IMF,US Federal Reserve,BoE etc.This will endanger India's Finance,in the long run.

Right To Property In Jeopardy!

The Globalists do not want ordinary people to preserve their wealth.Pilgrims Society sees to this.So tangibles like Land,Gold,Silver and Cash are attacked via Land Acquisition Act[stealing the Land of farmers,which may rise in value with time],Capital Control on Gold,Silver and Cash.
     Cashless Society with Plastic Money will usher in NIRP,resulting in CONFISCATION of the wealth of the Citizens.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


1.Sensex depends on rate cut by the RBI and US Federal Reaserve's rate decision. .
    PBOC's new policy fixing the value of Yuan,may make the Currency and Stock markets volatile. 
2.BDI $ 1055;200 DMA 801.41
3.Crude may remain low,due to less Rig Count.
4.The following stocks may be good:-
i)Crude Oil refiners,Logistics and transport.
ii)Copper price low.Electric motor windings,

Sunday, August 09, 2015


1.India's Stocks may be flat with a negative bias.Low Crude may be positive for some sectors.
2.World Stocks may crash as per many expert.A crash worse than that of 2008 is anticipated,as the Derivatives,which caused it remains uncorrected.
3.BDI $ 1200; 200 DMA $ 802.93
4.Brent $ 48.35/bbl
5.Gold Rs 24895/10 Grams
6.Silver Rs 34021/Kg
7.Rupee 63.7422 V the US Dollar
8.US Dollar Index 97.70

Friday, August 07, 2015


Sensex falls by 61.74 points.
Crude oil,Gold,Silver,Copper etc cheaper.hence the following stocks may be good:-
2.Those using Crude or its derivatives as feed
3. Jewelery
5.Electrical items,like makers of copper winding,Motors etc
6.BDI $ 1201   ;ABOVE 200 DMA 801.79
7.IMF has postponed the renminbi's ,being included in the SDR Basket to September November 2016.
8.Brent $ 49.42 /bbl
     Some negatives for the Indian Stocks:-
i)Credit may pick up ONLY by March 2016,as per SBI CEO
ii)The so-called "reforms",are being  delayed.
iii)Public Sector banks stare at huge NPAs.Rs 5.5 Lac crores.
iv)State Discoms in troubble.
v)Realty in trouble due to high rates and low liquidity.
vi)many IPOs will reduce Liquidity.

Monday, August 03, 2015


Sensex  +72;   28187
Gold $ 1084/US Oz    Rs 24775/10 Grams
Silver $ 465/kg [Rs 33442/Kg]
Rupee 64.1204 V US Dollar 
US Dollar Index 97.47
Brent $ 49.52/bbl     4/8/15  at 0440 Hrs IST

Sunday, August 02, 2015


1.Indices may fall due to lack of "reforms",[read anti-India Policies],which will hinder foreigners taking over India via the Corporations and the banks. 
2.Geo-political worries,continue.
3.Gold and Silver continue to be smashed.
4.BDI $ 1131;200 DMA $ 796.71
5,Brent $ 52.21 /  bbl.
6.Rupee 64.14 V the US Dollar
7.US Dollar Index 97.19


  Banking,means lending on a collateral,Legally sound and practically confiscated,in case of a default.But India's Public Sector banks offer loans,to Private Players, without Collateral,even Equity!!!
  See the Bankers' explanation:-
"The bankers replied that in most of the cases, the loans are provided without any personal guarantee since the amount is huge and supposed to be invested for infrastructural development of the country."


                  Tax payers looted.The NPA of the Public Sector Banks is Rs 5.5 lac crores at the tiime of posting.Compare this Rs 17.11 Lac Crores Total Budgeted expenditure for 2015/16!!!
Will be updated........

Sunday, July 26, 2015


1.Gold may fall to Rs 23000/ 10 grams as per reports.Silver may follow suit too Rs 30000/kg.
2.Indian Stocks may be volatile due to F&O on 30/7/15
P/C Nifty 1.28
3.BDI $ 1086;200 DMA $ 793,60
4.Brent low $ 54.62 / bbl
5.Greece,West Asia,Ukraine geo-political problems.Negative
6.Peurto Rico,Chicago bankrupt.Global Bond Markets weak.US Federal reserve "leaks" rate hike plan and other data.China weak.
Negative financial/economical indicators
7.Commodities fall continues.
Bloomberg Commodities Index 93.2871 ;down 1.17%;down 1.11033
Will be updated.......

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Lords Of Creation Part II : Location India

  Among these,The Lords of Creation
by Frederick Lewis Allen, Gretchen Morgenson (Introduction), Mark Crispin Miller (Editor),is relevant to 

what is happening in India:the Land Acquisition Bill ,not caring 


the Environment on the pretext of "development" ,demand for rate 

cut by the RBI by the Oligarchs,low tax for the MNCs and 

DEREGULATION demanded by the IMF,etc.

What had happened in the USA,is now happening in India,due to  

the enforcement of G 20,IMF,Bilderberg,USA etc.

Hedge Funds Net Short On Gold : A First Since 2006: Gold Target $ 1000 / US Oz

     Hedge Funds are net short on Gold for the first time since 2006.Gold may fall to $1000/US oz or Rs 23000/10 Grams and Silver Rs 30300/Kg, at the current  Rupee strength versus the US Dollar and tax on imports of these two.
      The US Federal Reserve has also "leaked" details about its rate hike plans and other details, on 29/6/15,on its website.
     This scare may be created deliberately,as India is about to implement the Gold Monetization Scheme,thus scaring Indians into selling their Gold. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Recent Gold Smashing Connected To India's Gold Monetization/Deposit Schemes And Bilderberg?

The recent smashing of Gold and Silver prices is notorious.The following are speculations:-
1.India is now suspected to be under the grip of the Bilderberg,G 20 [from 2008] and the IMF,from 2004.
2.Bilderberg 2015 concluded in June.
3.India,officially, announced the Gold Monetization/Deposit Schemes,on the 24th June 2015.
4.Union cabinet approved this on 22/7/15
     On the same day and after[that is,today,23/7/15],some Indian websites showered scorn on Gold, eulogizing equities,scaring Indians into selling their Gold and warning that Gold is set for a big fall.
    All the above seem connected.
    THIS link,says it all,as mentioned above"-
"Conclusion: Peter Boehringer has shown in this interview that there in no proof that the German gold exists as a physical asset of the Bundesbank. He states that he firmly believes that the gold that is reported as being stored in the Bundesbank vaults does exist. Belief is a religious term. In the world of law and commerce evidence is required. Unfortunately there is none. The information available about this subject was sufficient to shatter the confidence of foreign governments in the integrity of US institutions. There are now 16 countries where gold repatriations are demanded or in full swing. To buy back several thousand tons of physical gold in secret is a daunting target in a market where it is already difficult to buy half a ton of gold. The historically unprecedented recall of physical gold explains the desperate attempts by the big players, supposedly the US (Federal Reserve Bank, US Treasury, ultra secretive US Exchange Stabilisation Fund) and allied authorities (Bank of England, Bank for International Settlements) to smash the gold price and to trigger panic sales among gold holders. As forced buyers they are in corner and there is no way out without massive loss in wealth and reputation.
P.S. There is a very good video by Grant Williams about the collapse of gold fractional reserve banking ( ). He made this video in March 2013. He is a real prophet and saw this development coming."
Will be updated..............

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Controllers Of The World Via Debts[Bonds] To the Governments

The Rulers of the World:-the International Bankers.
The reason they like Deflation:-Bonds are attractive during deflation.Bonds are Debts and these are misused to control Governments.
   Now we know,why the US Federal Reserve ,BoJ  and the ECB prefer deflation,all the while pretending to fight it with QEs!!!
  Gold is attractive during Inflation.Hence the International Bankers [also called,Merchant Bankers or Investment Bankers]dislike Gold "in others hands",but not in their own.
      Recently,Muni Bonds have been wrecking havoc in many developed economies,bankrupting the Municipalities.
  India's Finance Ministry and SEBI have introduced Muni Bonds in India.

None Dare Call It Conspiracy - Gary Allen

Monday, July 06, 2015

India's actual Inflation is 14% instead of The Claimed 5% or so.

    Inflation and other, figures touted out  are ,not to be trusted,generally.This has relevance to the claimed figure of about 5%,but the GOI has started printing Rupee One notes again and its cost is Rupee One and Paise 14.
  This means that the actual Inflation,as of now,is 14%.That is,India is experiencing Hyper-inflation.
      As an aside,Indian One Rupee coins [far bigger than the ones in circulation],used to cost Rupees 7 .These were smuggled into a neighbouring country to make blades,as per reports.
       The coins in India were changed from Silver and Copper to other alloys and their sizes are also diminishing Truly  debasement  of coinage.
     Here is the LINK about the dangers of DEBASEMENT of Coinage.
Will be updated....

Friday, July 03, 2015


Sensex up 147 points;
Greek    deal  reached   as  per Varoufakis

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekly Trend;21/6/15

1.Indian Stocks may NOT fall,as:-
i)jaitley is having his roadshow i the USA till the 25th June,right AFTER BILDERBERG 2015,ROM 11TH TO THE 114 INSTANT.
   jaitley bypassing/avoiding the International economic Forum,in St Petersburg,Russia,is worthy  of note,in that India under the NDA is strongly pro-USA and pro-US Dollar.
ii)Divestment "targets" to be met on the diktat of the IMF via the G 20.
iii)The so-called "reforms",which are anti-India polices,being tom-tommed by Jaitley in the USA is for Corporate control  over India.
2.Greece may print notes within the EU rules.
3.West Asia,Ukraine,Fukushima,weak 'developed' economies are problems.
4,BDI [$779],and Freight Indices of China are low,showing less Global trade and hence recession.
5.Physical Silver looks good,for long-term investment and short-term trading.
6.90 days since the US Treasury Froze its debt of about $ 18 Trillion.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


US states shun Moody's for downgrading Chicago,to junk..
Will be updated.......

Friday, June 19, 2015


1.The US Treasury freezes its huge Debt by 90 days.
2.Greece and Russia agree on "explosive" gas Deal.Line to Europe to bypass Ukraine.
3.Bank run expected in Greece.
Indianian indices rise[Note:- Jaitley is in the USA for his roadshow.many Cos Divestment due.Bilderberg concluded on 14th June,2015].
4.Privatization will destroy India's Democratic Republic and usher in Oligarchy.
5.Brent $ 64.26/bbl
Will be updated......

Sunday, June 14, 2015


1.Indian Stocks may be flat with a negative bias,as the Bond Markets are in trouble,with GREXIT a possibility.
Correction:- I later came to know about jaitley's 10-day "roadshow" in the USA.the indices may remain higher during this period[16th to 25th june]
  At last Monsoon has arrived in Mumbai though delayed a bit.
2.BDI $ 542  LOW Earlier it had reached $ 529;200 DMA $827.82
Global economy is in trouble.
3.Silver looks good for long-term investment and short term trading.Its price in US Dollar-terms is almost the same as in 2008, though in INR-terms it is almost double.The NDA seems t be bent on Capital Controls like a cashless Society to bring in NIRP,QE,ZIRP etc.That is the NDA may make india highly Debt-ridden.
4.Gold is also good for investing on an SIP basis from now on,in small lots.
5.One can also invest in land,if one can afford.

Bilderberg 2015 And events In/Cncerning India

Bilderberg 2015 in Austria 11th to 14th instant.
1.SEBI and RBI were 'RECOGNIZED" BY SOME institution in Europe.
RBI is pro-US Dllar,anti-Gld and hrence anti-Rupee.This keeps Indians poorer as the RBI keeps the Rupee weaker.
RBI is trying t introduce the Derivaties and CDS in a major way.This will bankrupt India.
RBI is trying to make Fully Convertible which can bankrupt India via Currency manipulation.
RBI does not try to INCREASE Gold Holding in the Forex reserves but the FIAT Currencies of the developed economies.
RBI has recently increased US Treasury Holdings by $40 Billion from a mere $ 60 Billion,RAPIDLY,though USA may DEFAULT as its HUGE Debt is UN-REPAYABLE. 
SEBI has dne the follwoing recently:-
i.REITs allowed.REITs are reported to be Ponzi Schemes.
ii,Muni Bonds have been allowed,These will bankrupt India
iii.Financial SEZs have been allowed.This will offer favourable Jurisdiction to Bankers and can act as a tax haven.In these SEZs laws will be different from that of the Union f India.
Energy/Power minster asking Cos to keep their charges on a US Dollar-based format.This will be dangerous due to manipulation of currencies,like LIBOR rigging. 
Cashless Society is again and again being tuted by TPTB for NIRP,which is CONFISCATION f the wealth of the Citizens by Capital Control.. 
                 Indian Media announce Jaitley's 10-day visit to the USA on the concluding day of Bilderberg 2015,that is 14th June,1724Hrs IST!!!Ominous for India.Earlier Jaitley had spent a week in the Spring Met of the WB/IMF in May 2015,in the USA.
Will be updated.....

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Friday, June 05, 2015


Money Velocity lower than that during the Great Depression.
Massive Bank Runs in Greece.
Global Sovereign Bonds in trouble.
India's GST is related to TISA,which will be implemented later.TISA:-TRADE IN SERVICES AGREEMENT.
BUND[German Bonds] rout:-Shape f things to come.Even the US Treasury was adverely affected.
Will be updated...........

Thursday, June 04, 2015


1,Central Banks have created Stock,Bond bubbles.Crash expected anytime,now.
       Derivatives are being ignored and many diversions,like the Cashless Society created.
2.Many Indian Stocks fall,but the indices recover due to a weak Rupee and hence the IT sector.
3.Gold and Silver fall.
4.Greece may default or has already done so.
Will be updated.......

Sunday, May 31, 2015


1.Indian Stocks may rise due to better GDP data.The RBI is expected to cut rates by 0.25% on the 2nd June.
2.India has suddenly raised its US TRY Holding from about $ 60 Billion to $ 107 Billion,thanks to NDA's pro-US and pro-US Dollar policy.
3.Greece may get reprieve.
4.West Asia,Fukushima,Ukraine,Bond  markets pose threats.
5.BDI $ 589;200 DMA 848.68
6.US GDP down by 0.70%
Will be updated.....

NIRP,Bonds and The Cashless Society

Central Banks of the developed economies, are afraid to raise interest rates because the $220 Trillion Bond market Derivatives will cause losses to the mega-bankers of these economies.
     Hence we have NIRP in them.
Cashless Society will enable NIRP to be prolonged,as otherwise Cash will be hoarded as is reportedly being done by the rich in these economies.
Will be updated.......   

Monday, May 25, 2015


1.The IMF may announce a New Dollar on the 20th of October 2015.Renminbi may be included in SDR.

2.US Federal Reserve's rate hike decision in June awaited.
3.Greece in trouble.May Default in June 2015. 
4.West Asia,Ukraine,Fukushima problematic.
Will be updated.......

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


1.USA may convict UBS
2.US Congress subpoenas DoJ on TBTF banks' prosecutions.
3.BitGold starts trading in TSX Venture exchange.
Will be updated.......

Thursday, May 07, 2015


Central Banks are into equities for a long time.Well,at least the SNB.
Further proof here.
Will be updated.....


1.Hypo Alpo takes 3 banks down along with it.leverage 98.55 each.
2.Today the Derivatives crashed due crashing the Eurozone,was stopped by the concerned institution.Stocks stabilized somewhat after this.
3.US Federal Reserve reportedly strengthening the Dollar for stopping the Yuan from becoming a member of SDR of the IMF.
4.US economic collapse predicted.
Will be updated...................

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Global Monetary System In Shambles.

The  Global Monetary System In Shambles.That is it is suspect due to:-
1.The unregulated and Opaque Derivatives
2.NIRP,ZIRP etc in the developed economies,which are not real finance.
3.QEs galore in the developed economies.
    These force the TPTB to resort to:-
1.Cashless Society
2.Discouraging possession of tangibles
3.Suppressing the prices of Gold and Silver for a strong US Dollar.
Huge tax on import of Gold and silver in India.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Sensex -261;     27177
Gold MCX Futures Rs 27050/10 Grams
Silver MCX Futures Rs 37050/Kg
BDI $ 600; 200 DMA 867.35
NG rs 160/mm Btu
Brent $ 65. 28/bbl
Rupee    63.48  v the US dollar
U S Dollar index 96.71

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Sensex may fall,with volatility, due to expiry date.
MAT.weak Monsoon forecast,weak Q4 numbers may also adversely affect the Market.
BDI low.
Silver at 5 year low.Trend downwards.Wait for it to break 15.41/US Oz.Next support level is $ 14 /US Oz
PHYSICAL silver looks attractive for long term investment  and short term trading,due to the Global economy and Geo-politics .

Physical Gold long term trend is up and the short term one down.Can be bought at current price levels, for long term profits.Next support at $1000/US Oz


Sensex -297;    27438
BDI $ 599;   200 DMA   868.53
Gold MCX Futures Rs 26701/10 grams $1179/US Oz
Silver "              "    Rs 35950/Kg $ 506/Kg
Ng Rs 161 /mm Btu
Brent $ 65.28 / bbl
Rupee 63.57   V U S Dollar
U S Dollar Index 96.96
BitCoin $ 218

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Globalists Want To Own Everything : via Surveillance,TPP,Cashless Society,....


Sensex falls by 157 points
Gold ,Silver and the US Dollar fall [the first two rise due to this,afterwards,but marginally]
Gold price suppressed by the BIS to keep the US Dollar strong after Nixon's abrogation of the Bretton-Woods.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Derivatives lack collateral and hence ,it seems,the US Federal Reserve is resorting to QEs,RRPs[Reverse Repurchase Agreement],for the US Treasuries to ACT as the same[collateral is being created by printing money,reducing Liquidity etc].
A revisit to 2008 is most likely as per many experts.
Sensex -555.8;      2786.21
Sensex may fall further due to the retrospective taxation on the FIIs to the tune of Rs 40,000 Crores and anticipated poor Q4,from India Inc.
Rupee   63.08 V the US Dollar
U S Dollar Index  97.96
Gold MCX Futures Rs 26829 / 10 Grams.rise due to Akhsay Trithiya.
Silver MCX Futures Rs 36080/10 Grams.Silver seems good for Trading now.Long term also,good.
Brent $ 63.45 / bbl
NG Rs 161 /mm Btu

Sunday, April 19, 2015


1.Indices may fall,as liquidity problem is expected. 
2.Nobody talks of the need to ban the Derivatives in the hands of a few banks,who are spreading POVERTY all around sucking liquidity from the system.the huge amount in the Derivatives,have to be diverted to the REAL economy,but TPTB attack Gold ownership,by Indians mercilessly and foolishly: an anti-national act.

3.Greece,Ukraine,support to ISIL by the West,Fukushima leaks problems.
4.BDI $ 597;   200 DMA $ 875.60
5.Gold Bullish,Silver drags.
6.US Dollar unable to maintain momentum,as keeping it higher will adversely affect the US corporate results.Dow will fall,which is anathema to the US Federal Reserve.
7.India's representative in the Spring Meet of the IMF and the World Bank,from 17th to the 20th instant,is singing the "less tax" and 'reforms" songs so sweet to the IMF and the WB.
  At present India is ruled over by the IMF via the G 20.
8.Brent $ 63.45 /bbl
Will be updated......

Friday, April 17, 2015

Derivatives Bomb Ticking

  The real problem of the huge Derivatives exposure by Banks has not been solved,but diversions like cashless society and even Wars,etc are being created.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Sensex -134;    28666
Greece may exit Eurozone
Gold and Silver subdued despite the fall  in US Dollar
Dow flat
RIL and GAIL Q4 results on 17/4/15
Central bankers attack Gold and silver,but money is locked in the Derivatives[about US $ 1.5 Quadrillion],among a few mega-banks of he developed economies.
      BIS,IMF,WB,WEF and the MSM keep quiet about the Derivatives.......
Modi signs deals with Canada,while Jaitley and the RBI team attend the Spring Meet of the IMF and the WB,in the USA from 14th to the 20th instant. Jaitley's meeting actually starts from the 17th.What is he doing there?
Will be updated.......

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Sensex  +165;     29044
Gold MCX Futures Rs 26545 / 10  Grams'
Silver  "          "        "   36400/Kg
NG Rs 158 /mm Btu
Brent $ 58.49/bbl
Rupee 62.2871 V the US Dollar
U S Dollar index 98.80.Euro rises aginst the US Dollar
Greece may exit EU via Default.
As per many articles on the net;-
i)US Federal Reserve and ECB are keeping interests low:-
a) for servicing their huge Debts
b)The threats posed by the Derivatives connected with low interest rates.
THAT IS,THE BANKERS HAVE BET ON LOW RATES.If the rate is hiked they will lose.
ii)A decades long Global Depression is anticipated
iii)Global Financial Crash due to the Derivatives is imminent.
Will be updated.......

Sunday, April 12, 2015


1.Modi signs 20 agreements with France including the dangerous Nuke Deal involving untested Areva reactors.
     Rafale fighters are reported to be too costly compared to the Sukhois. 
      Air Bus may start manufacture in India. France to invest $ 20 Billion in India.
2.The Indian indices may rise.
3.BDI $ 580;  200 DMA  882.16
4.Physical Gold and Silver,look attractive due to dangerous geo-political and abysmal Global economic situations.
Will be updated................

Thursday, April 09, 2015


1.Sensex rises.
2.Moody's raises India's rating from 'stable' to "positive".
3.Austria will not guarantee bank deposits.Bank-bail in signed,in G 20,in Australia November last,"secretly"comes into effect slowly...
4.Gold [$ 1193/US Oz]and Silver [MCX futures Rs 36300/Kg] fall as the US dollar index rises in Dollar terms.
US Dollar Index rises to 99.00
5.Next payment deadline for Greece 12th may 2015,Euro 75.7 Crores.
Will be updated...........

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Jan Dhan Yojana,RuPay Debit Cards,Aadhaar And Surveillance

When the NDA came to Power,the "coffers were empty",as per Jaitley.Yet this party was keen on Jan Dhan Yojana,Aadhaar etc, to the extent of being fanatics.Now why a bankrupt Government offer the benefits of Jan Dhan Yojana?For making the poor accustomed and experienced in using "RuPay Debit Cards"!!This will usher in a Cashless Society,for Surveillance.
   Similarly Aadhaar,will allow Surveillance.The poor have to be tracked,but they don't have any 'cards' or numbers.Hence they have to be provided with "some" sort of cards,for tracking them.
   So carrots are misused in both cases.
   The orders of G 20 for One World Totalitarian Government [Technocracy]. 
       Smart cities,Smart meters,Smartgrids,etc fall under Technocracy.
       Cashless Society,aims stealing the tangibles[land,Gold etc],via land Grabs,Gold Demonetization etc.Gold Monetization is dangerous due to the Gold Tungsten Scam,re-hypothecation  of Physical Gold in paper Futures.
                                                  Will be updated......

Tuesday, April 07, 2015


1.Sensex rises by 12 points,after falling by about more than 200 points.
  RBI keeps rates unchanged but SBI,ICICI and HDFC cut rates from 0.15 o 0.25%.
2.Fertilizer Stocks rise.
3.Divestment by the NDA and IPOs by many Cos have started.This means market has topped.
Will be updated.......

Sunday, April 05, 2015


1.Indian Stocks may fall as tax has been demanded from 100 funds.
2.April 7th Monetary Policy,8th and 9 th Greece's meeting with Russian leaders and the EU Loan expiry date respectively,may be triggers.
3.Iran deal may decrease Crude price while Yemen conflict may raise it.Syria ,Iraq situations serious.
4.Fukushima contentious to be the  elephant in the room.
5.BDI $ 588;      200 DMA 888.34
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Thursday, April 02, 2015


1.BSE NSE Holiday Mahaavir jayanthi  jain Festival
2.Gold $ 1201/US Oz
3.Silver $ 538. Kg
4.U S Dollar Index 97.52
5.Brent $ 57.10/bbl

Wednesday, April 01, 2015


1.Sensex rises by 303 points due to:-
i)FTP with subsidy for exports of goods and services
ii)Expecting rate cut om 7/4/15
iii)Gas and oil price pooling for Urea fertilizer plants,resulting lower prices
2.NDA raises tariff values on Gold and Silver imports
Gold from $ 372 to 385/10 Grams
Silver from $ 512 to 543/Kg
3.Brent $ 55.11 / bbl ;US Dollar Index 98.28 at 2030 Hrs IST   
Oil Platform in Mexico explodes.Iran nuke talks paused.Brent $  56,72/bbl at 2045 Hrs IST
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


1.Sensex falls by 18 points 
2.Domestic NG price cut to $ 4.66 / mm Btu,for the April-September, 15 period.
3.Jaitley to announce SUBSIDY to the export sector tomorrow
4.Core Sector growth 1.4% compared to 6.1% for the same month last year.
5.Cabinet approves gas-pooling for 30 Urea Plants.Chambal Fertilizers rises.
Will be updated............

Sunday, March 29, 2015


1.Markets may be flat with a negative bias,as low Liquidity,may make exiting Equities a bit tough,as per Kyle Bas,in Zerohedge site. 
2.BDI $ 596;  200 DMA 895.72
3.Physical Gold and Silver may prove safe-havens,due to the fluid Geo-Poltical and bad Economic situation.
   More so,as the NDA will be announcing its FTP,based on FTAs and concessions to export Sector.Jaitley has  also hinted on Public Spending on infrastructure[stimulus].
4.NMDC commissions 7 Million Tonnes per Annum Iron Ore unit at Bailadila,Dakshin Bastar District,Chhattisgarh,at Rs 600 investment.
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

27/3/15 and 28/315

1.Sensex rises by 1 point on 27/3
2.The Sock-Bond Bubble as ZeroHedge calls it.Bond issuers buy Stocks....
3.BDI $ 596;   200 DMA 895.70
4.NDA,ruled over by the G 20,is changing India onto a Oligarchic Dictatorship from a Democratic Republic.....
i)Surveillance via Aadhaar,Smartcities,Smartgrids
ii)Cashless Society on the pretext of countering Blackmoney for suppressing Gold,Silver etc and watching where 'the money" is going.NDA wants it in Equities,investments in which are offered,sops.
Bankers get their fees[which they are being deprived of,now!].
The Citizens spend impulsively and fall into Debt,the dream of the Bankers.
iii)Tax concessions and Deregulation[No law] for the MNCs.
iv)FTAs with exports as the main aim.
Will be updated............

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


1.Sensex falls by about 48 points ans Dow,by a massive 300 points as HFTs will be regulated [FINRA]as per SEC
2.GAIL and GSPL will be allowed to import LNG to cater to the Gas needs of Power Plants starved of the same,as per report.
The concerned Power Plants are, reported to be, GVK,GMR,Torrent,Lanco Infra,Torrent,RPower and NTPC
     These stocks' prices may rise.
3.Gold and Silver may rise,as jaitley is going to increase Public spending [STIMULUS]on infra.
Will be updated.............

Monday, March 23, 2015

India On Path To Bankruptcy

1.The Globalists bankrupt nations with a set of formulae,which are as follows:-
i)Make the nation's wealth disappear via unnecessary sales like divestment out of PSUs.
ii)Make the nation debt-ridden either via high Fiscal deficit or Bond market. 
iii)Go on weakening the Currency under many pretexts like making it competitive for exports,while what it does is making the nation poorer and poorer.
iv)Misuse the CDS and Bonds to bankrupt the nation.
v)Privatization,so that the MNCs and the Oligarchs will be richer at the cost of the people of the nation at large.
     THIS link says that the wealth of the masses have to be stolen.
2.All these are happening in India now.
3.India escaped in 2008,as it was isolated from a suspect Modern Monetary System with DEREGULATIONs,like in the Derivatives,which can be easily misused to bankrupt nations,municipalities  companies and individuals.
4.India is now being very much linked to the Modern Suspect Monetary System. GIFT-City,in line with City Of London is being started in Gujarat and many other parts of India,where the Bankers will enjoy SUBSIDIES and are reported,to be "favoured",in Litigations.hence bankers generally choose suh plaes for Jurisdictions.
5.Muni Bonds have approved by the SEBI.Muni Bonds are notorious for making Municipalities bankrupt.
      Items in 4 and 5 have happened simultaneously and is done by SEBI!
      These result in unemployment and increase in POVERTY as per reports.
Will be updated......


1.Sensex falls by 68 points.
2.NDA starts City Of London "clone" in Gujarat and names it GIFT City.
3.LBMA started Gold price mechanism with ICE platform on 20/3/15
4.Rupee 62.22 V the US Dollar
5. US Dollar Index 96.95
6.Silver and gold recover
7.Brent  $ 55.32/bbl
Will be updated....

Sunday, March 22, 2015


1.SEBI brings the "City Of London" clone and the dangerous Muni- Bonds to India.Coupled with other anti-India Polices[called 'reforms" by the IMF and the NDA] India is a certain bankrupt nation,in a few years.
  India caves in to the Wall Street bankers,G 20,IMF etc.....
2.Indian Stokcs may be volatile with a negative bias.
3.BDI is low.$ 594    200 DMA 905.36
4.Geo-political situation favours Silver and Gold,especially the former,as Silver usage is being mandated by many Governments in the form of Solar panels on House-tops[roofs] etc.
5.Pandemics suspected due to a Rogue nation, of the "Austria bacterial vial leak notoriety", continue in one form or the other across the World.
6.Greece is keenly watched as the Eurogroup continues its Dictatorship of nations,conquered without war and ruled by those not Elected in their own nations.G 20 ditto.
Will be updated......

Friday, March 20, 2015


1.Sensex falls by 208 points.
2.Gold and Silver [MCX Futures Rs 37700/Kg ]shoot up.
LBMA price,"discovery" mechanism For Gold,administered by ICE via 6 banks starts today.
3.Rupee 62.47 v the US dollar
4.US Dollar index falls to 97.58
5.Mineral Mining Bill passed.
cost of production of SAIL,Hindalco and Tata Steel may rise by about 30% as per Business Standard site.
6.Huge correction expected,in the stock markets.
Will be updated.....

Thursday, March 19, 2015


1.Sensex -152;  28470
2.MCX Gold Rs 25955 / 10 Grams  [$ 1171 /US Oz]
3.MCX Silver Rs 36340/Kg[$ 518/Kg]
4.US Dollar index   99.25
5.Rupee V the US Dollar   62.52
Dow falls,by more than 150 points at 0200 Hrs IST.Euro also,by 2%.
6.So one of the misuses of the so-called "terror',is keeping the Fiat Currencies strong by an attack on Gold.
    France puts Euro 1000 limit on Cash ,suppresses Gold and Bit Coin.
Will be updated....

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


1.Sensex -114;
2.Greece may exit Eurozone.
3.NDA/RBI,mull allowing India's Commercial Banks to hold Reserves in Gold.
Gold $ 1168 /US oz
Silver $ 512/kg
US Dollar index 97.83
Rupee V US Dollar 62.29
Brent $ 55.91 / bbl
Will be updated.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


1.Sensex +298;  28736
2.BDI $562; 200 DMA 912.80
3.MCX Gold Rs 25627 / 10 Grams
4.MCX Silver Rs 35358 /Kg
5.NG Rs 178 / mm Btu
6.Brent Crude  $ 53.44 /bbl 

7.Rupee V US Dollar 62.70
8.US Dollar index 
"Crucial" FOMC meet tomorrow...
9.IBM working on Central Banks' Currency Control,using "Blockchain" as in BitCoin.

Monday, March 16, 2015


1.Sensex falls by 65 points.
3.Bankrupt Hypo Alpe Adria -The Heta Asset resolution AG,Austria,claims its first victim:German Duesselhyp
4.US Dollar Index has fallen below 100 as at 1700 Hrs IST.
Will be updated................

Sunday, March 15, 2015


1.Indian Stocks will be flat ,as the US Federal reserve may decide on rate hike,if any,on 18/3/15
Insurance and PS Bank shares may rise.
2.BDI is low around $ 561/=
3.Geo-political situation very bad,as per the Rothschilds.
Ukraine,West Asia,Libya,Greece........
4.Gold,Silver and Crude fall on US Dollar being made stronger and stronger,thanks to the  massive QEs,by BoJ,BoE and ECB.This trend may continue up to 2016,September,when the ECB may end its massive QE.
    Certain quarters have expressed their dismay as the massive QE by ECB may affect the value of the collaterals,making them non-existent.
5.Rupee more than 63 V the US Dollar
6.US Dollar Index above 100
7.Protests in Brazil for impeachment of Rouseff.
8.US Debt ceiling:-borrowing limit exhausted.Temporary tension as last year.then business as usual.
Will be updated.....

Saturday, March 14, 2015


1.NDA raises  taxes on imported Gold and Silver.
Tariff values reduced.
Gold from $393 to 375 per !0 Grams
Silver from $ 549 to 512 per Kg
2.USA demands $ 1 Billion each,fine,from Barclays, J P Morgan,city,UBS,RBS and Citi Group,as per reports.
3.Rupee above 63 to the US Dollar
 Will be continued...............

Friday, March 13, 2015


1.Sensex fall by 427 points
2.US Dollar Index above 100
3.BDI continues to be low.$565 ;    200 DMA 916.66
4.Gold and Silver fall.
5.Rupee above 62 to the US Dollar
6.Brent $57.08/bbl
Will be updated.

Monday, March 09, 2015


1.Sensex falls by over 530 points as at 14=40 Hrs IST
2.State bail-in of  Austrian Hypo Alpe Adria-the Heta asset resolution AG,to affect Germany adversely.
3.Unseasonal rains in Punjab cause loss of Rs 3000 Crores,due to damage to Wheat,Mustard and Lendl.Earlier TN suffered similar losses.
Will be updated............

Saturday, March 07, 2015


1.The Central bankers are at it again.They have made A weak US Dollar stronger,by QEs[boJ,boE and ECB].PBOC may follow suit.the result:-
i)Gold,Silver,Crude and other commodities, fall in US Dollar terms,though demand may rise,in Eurozone,UK and japan.
ii)Dow falls [due to less Corporate earnings in the USA]and other indices may also fall
       Hence Indian Stocks may fall.A correction of 5% is reported,possible.
2.BDI $ 561;     200 DMA   924.79
Global economy is in trouble as this is a leading indicator.
3.Ukraine,Iraq,Syria,Libya,Greece and Fukushima ,are causes for anxiety.
4.USA names ONGC,OIL and IOC for business ties with Iran.These three may ace US sanctions.
Will be updated.....

Friday, March 06, 2015


1.BSE Holiday due to HOLI
2.US Dollar has started strengthening viz-a-viz the Euro,and may strengthen further.This may continue till the stopping of QE by ECB.That is,2016,September.......
  Gold and Silver have fallen sharply in US Dollar terms,but may have risen against the Euro.These and other Commodities may fall proportionately,in US Dollar terms. 
MCX Gold Futures Rs 25990 /10 grams at 0008 Hrs IST,7/3/15
MCX silver futures Rs 35965 / Kg           "         "        "        "
Will be continued................

Thursday, March 05, 2015


1.Sensex rises by 68 points.
2.IMF executive Director frankly says that the IMF favours Germany and France in the Greek talks,as their banks are exposed to Greek Bonds.
ECB's QE from the 9th instant.
3.As per reports,Indian Stocks may fall by 5%.
4.Rupee weak,above 62 to the US Dollar.Gold falls and Silver rises in Rupee terms.
5.Brent $ 60.55 / bbl at 2000 Hrs IST
6.Turkish Lira crushed by CDS [Derivatives]
Will be  updated.......

Tuesday, March 03, 2015


1.RBI cuts repo rate by 0.25%, 20 minutes before the Stock markets open.
  Sensex falls by about 200 poinst after rising.
    jaitley is NOWE in the USA,immediately after presenting the  Budget.
    The rate cut and the Budget show,that NDA tale orders from the USA.
  Under the UPA such things used to happen.
 Both Coalitions/parties sent some 'message" by contacting Israel soon after the election.
2,Silver falls sharply WELL before rate cut,by the RBI.The after-effects,being watched.
3.Asian Markets open low.
4.Dollar strengthens.Gold and Silver "fall",in US Dollar terms.
5.NDA may be asked by the SA to start stimuli.Rupee above 62 V  the US Dollar
Will be updated..............

Monday, March 02, 2015



SUDDENLY,the thinking of the Central Bankers have become clear.It was due to their repetition of the things that aided.
1.Have a Huge national debt......
2.Start QE,with any excuse like "deflation" etc.     ad infinitum
3.Start  ZIRP,NIRP and a low interest rate regime
4.QE cancels the huge debt while items in 3 above SERVICES the Huge Debt!!!
i)Speculators have a field day......
ii)The wealth of the Citizens is CONFISCATED........
Will be updated......


1.Sensex rises by about 100 points
2.Gold and Silver fall
3.India's Total Debt 135% of the GDP and Corporate Debt 45%.
4.BDI continues to be low.
Will be updated.................

Sunday, March 01, 2015


1.India's budget favours the Speculators and MNCs.Commonman has a dark future,if this feature continues.
  Infra,IT and Telecom stocks may shine,as per reports.
2.Bail in Austria for bad bank.
    This was agreed upon by nations in the G 20 meeting in Australia,in November 2013.though much needs to be done,as per the regulator.
3.BDI still low.
4.Greece,Ukraine,West Asia and Fukushima,problem areas.
Will be updated..........

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


1.For the last 2 days Indian indices have been flat [one day]or volatile,[on the other].
2.DoJ investigates many mega-Banks ,in Gold price manipulation.
3.Stories of frauds of Banks in Forex Trade etc are on an increasing trend.
4.Fukushima,Greece,Ukraine,Syria,Iraq :- problem areas.
5.BDI is low $ 523.Since this is a leading indicator Shipping,Ship-building and Global economy are in trouble.
Will be updated.........

Sunday, February 22, 2015


1.Indian Stocks may be volatile,due to F & O expiry,this week,as per reports.Budget hopes add fuel to fire,as it were.
2.BDI rises $ 2 above its lowest to $ 513 ;200 DMA 948.15
3.Greece gets extension by 4 months fro Eurogroup.
4.Fukushima leaks increase due to ,again,"earthquake".
5.Gold and Silver fall.
Will be updated...............

Friday, February 20, 2015


1.Sensex falls by 231 points
2.Corporate espionage rocks the nation.
3.Greece Eurogroup agreement reached.
4.Ports to be made Corporations[Privatized],by selling them to Private parties or making them PPPs.Strike by Port Workers on March 9th 2015.
Will be updated.....

Thursday, February 19, 2015


1.Sensex rises by about 140 points.
2.Gold and Silver also rise at the time of posting[1800 Hrs IST]
3.RBI lifts ban on import of Gold Coins and medallions by banks.
4.Greece is NOT being helped by EuroGroup,as the EU banks exposed to Greek Bonds at a leverage of 26:1,will lose heavily.
5.From the 20th Ultimo,it is LBMA [Or London] Gold Price,instead of London Gold Price "FIX"!!! 
Will be updated......

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


1.India's Bond Yields higher despite low[fake.Cost of living is still higher] inflation,as Liquidity dries up.
2.Sensex rises due to Defence Sector shares.
3.Gold and Silver fall despite Greece [uncertainty].
4.Ukraine:- Accusations and counter-Accusations,continue.
Will be updated.......

Monday, February 16, 2015


1.Sensex almost flat.
2.Dollar rises a bit.Gold steady.Silver falls slightly.
3.Greece crucial talks today.
4.Shipping in trouble as BDI drops to $ 522.Chinese Co,Cosco,disassembles 8 ships.
5.Crude remains higher from the lows.
Will be updated.....

Sunday, February 15, 2015


1.OMCs hike Petrol and Diesel prices.
2.Indian Stocks will be volatile with a negative bias as ONGC,OIL,RPower etc have  Q3 losses.
3.Ukraine peace deal signed.Talks to continue tomorrow.Greece talks also tomorrow.
4.West Asia problematic.
5.BDI at all-time LOW.
6.Gold falls Silver rises.Silver is used in Missiles.Does this signal more wars?
7.HBC in trouble with IRS,USA,regarding non-disclosure of accounts of Indian-Americans.
Will be updated............

Saturday, February 14, 2015


1.OMCs report LOSS in Q3,2014/15,due to high inventory!!!!!
2.ONGC and Oil India ALSO report loss in Q3,2014/15, due to low Crude price.
3.RPower reports 5% drop in net,in Q3 2014-15
4.Spot Gold, Delhi Rs 27540 / 10 Grams;Spot Silver Rs 37922 /Kg
Will be updated..............