Global Finance In 2015,AS PER REPORTS ON THE NET!

Gold price smashing and India's Gold Monetization Scheme have a connection.That is,scaring Indians, into selling their Gold into the said scheme!
It is reported that the central banks have sold their Gold at high prices,and they want buy them back at lower prices,after smashing the same.
The vested interest also,want the money to flow into equities,instead of Gold,so that the US Dollar could be strong.
Cashless Society,for confiscating the wealth of Indians via NIRP,is being planned.
NIRP will be ineffective with cash around.
Land,Silver,Gold,Cash and other tangibles are taboo,in a Cashless Society,which will be in force in India by 2018,as per reports.Cashless Society and the resultant,Electronic Transactions,will help the Hackers a lot,as an "entry point", is being provided to them,via the Electronic Transfer,which in "ordinary" Banking,is NOT available to the Hackers.
.......but by smart moves,in the changed and changing scenario,it is possible to increase one's wealth!

IMF And World Bank DICTATORSHIP Of India Under M M Singh


KEEPs In Touch With People

KEEPs In Touch With People
What A Sign!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

M M Singh Buys Gold From The IMF,Inflation,QEs......!

M M Singh the puppet of the IMF always eyes India's Gold,and this Royal metal is always involved in the calculation of the Globalists like IMF and its puppet,M M Singh,member Club Of Rome.
    So it is not surprising that M M Singh bought about 200 MT of "Gold" from the IMF in Demat form,probably never to be returned.....and if at all."the equivalent amount", used by India,the Gold with the IMF,will be permanently with it.There have been reports,that the developed economies,DEMAND donations secretly,like/using,the Globalist Bodies.
      An excerpt from the link above:-
"The move [hypothecating/mortgaging, of the 200 MT Gold] can fetch around $23 billion, David Gornall, Chairman of the London Bullion Market Association, has estimated".....   
     "This marks a tidy increase in the Reserve Bank of India’s investment. In November 2009, the RBI purchased 200 tonnes of gold from the IMF, under the Fund’s limited gold sales programme, for $6.7 billion, cash."    
       The above shows that the value of the Rupee has fallen by 300% or 4 times,that in 2009!Had India, mortgaged,her Gold with the IMF, when the price was around $1900/US Oz the amount would have been even higher!
        Now India has $275 Billion Forex Reserves,about,the same as in 2009.Should this not be $1100 Billion?

         Taking the variation in the Rupee.
1 dollar = Rs 46.29 ;US Dollar Index 85 approximate

1 dollar = Rs 62 approximate;US Dollar Index 80 approximate

            The above data are for the sake of knowing the TREND,
            This also shows that the Inflation has increased by 300% due to the massive subsidies/STIMULI started in 2008 and reported to be continuing.These have to be stopped.
       The so-called,QEs,of the developed economies,like the USA,EU,UK and Japan.......These are against the WTO Rules,for the following reasons:-
1.QEs subsidize the Bankers.More so,as interest rates in these developed economies are very near zero!This enables them to misuse the "CHEAP MONEY IN,CHEAP MONEY OUT",strategy to hold the other nations to ransom.
2.QEs are UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES,as exports will become lucrative for the Nations resorting to them.
    But India is not taking this up with the WTO.The BIS [with its Basels,ignoring the dangerous Derivatives],the IMF,WEF etc simply look the other way when,such blatant misuse of the Global System is resorted to,by those who are MIGHTY due to their Military.... After all MIGHT IS RIGHT......
      M M Singh,recently,mentioned that Capital Controls,will not be resorted to,and the so-called" reforms"[anti-India and pro-West policies],would continue.....
      The real reason capital Controls is not being resorted to,is the Trans-pacific partnership which is NOT YET SIGNED and is being SECRETLY negotiated for the last 3 years or so......
     An excerpt from the link above:-
"Given united opposition by the other TPP countries that has thwarted closure to date of several TPP chapters, has the U.S. relented in its insistence that the TPP forbid any signatory country from using capital controls, speculation, or transaction taxes and other common macroprudential financial measures?"
       However,it has been,  clarified by the GOI that there will be NO mortgaging of the "IMF Gold"   "bought", by India!
  An excerpt from the above link:-
"India has no proposal to lease gold bought from the IMF according to India’s Economic Affairs Secretary, Arvind Mayaram. His comments came in a text message.

The influential in India, Hindu Business Line newspaper, had reported earlier that the government will consider leasing out 200 tons of gold bought from IMF in 2009, citing finance ministry officials it didn’t identify.

With strains in the  LBMA gold market, further pressure may be being applied to India to now help with supply after their recent draconian attempted measures to restrict demand."
       Going by their prices, Gold- and Silver-TRADING,with a fraction of the Forex Reserves would have been profitable,for our beloved Nation.

            The above charts, show that,investment and Trading in both the above would have saved India.IN 2009 the price of Gold was:-  about $ 1200/US Oz
             It reached a peak of,about  $1900/US Oz.
If India had sold even 100 of the 200MT Gold it "bought" from the IMF in 2009,the profit would have been about 58%.That is about $ 2.0 Billion!!!
             India could even have traded in Silver too,to preserve the VALUE of her. Forex Reserves!!!   
                         India should Trade part of her Forex Reserves in Gold,Silver,even Platinum and Palladium, etc to preserve their value and keep India's financial Strength intact.
Will be updated.......

My Letter to the President of India on 6/10/2013

Honourable President, 
Subject:- India's Forex Reserves lose value due to their being IDLE.        Congrats on the firm way,in which,Your Honour dealt with the recent Ordinance,and the subtlety with which Your Honour dealt with the situation,gaining the admiration of the whole Nation and even the World. I am sure,that Your Honour's 2-day Foreign Tour would be successful,given the,way Your Hounour deals with things and Diplomacy in general. 
      Now coming to our Nation's Forex Reserves,I feel their being Idle,(even part),is making India lose,Financially.I feel that PART OF THE FOREX Reserves have to be judiciously Traded in Gold,Silver and the like,given the Industrialist and other "intelligence",our Embassies have.....That is,our Leaders,have some knowledge about the Global trend.HENCE PART OF OUR FOREX RESERVES HAVE TO USED FOR TRADING,SO THAT INDIA CAN GAIN,ENORMOUSLY. Please use the following link:- 
      Honourable President,I hope,Your Honour will favourably consider my suggestion. 
Thanking You, 
Yours truly, 

Your Request/Grievance is Registered Successfully!!
Your Request/Grievance Registration Number is : PRSEC/E/2013/*****

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