Global Finance In 2015,AS PER REPORTS ON THE NET!

Gold price smashing and India's Gold Monetization Scheme have a connection.That is,scaring Indians, into selling their Gold into the said scheme!
It is reported that the central banks have sold their Gold at high prices,and they want buy them back at lower prices,after smashing the same.
The vested interest also,want the money to flow into equities,instead of Gold,so that the US Dollar could be strong.
Cashless Society,for confiscating the wealth of Indians via NIRP,is being planned.
NIRP will be ineffective with cash around.
Land,Silver,Gold,Cash and other tangibles are taboo,in a Cashless Society,which will be in force in India by 2018,as per reports.Cashless Society and the resultant,Electronic Transactions,will help the Hackers a lot,as an "entry point", is being provided to them,via the Electronic Transfer,which in "ordinary" Banking,is NOT available to the Hackers.
.......but by smart moves,in the changed and changing scenario,it is possible to increase one's wealth!

IMF And World Bank DICTATORSHIP Of India Under M M Singh


KEEPs In Touch With People

KEEPs In Touch With People
What A Sign!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Globalization......For Mega-profits Low production cost International Price by removal of subsdies And For The Wall Street Bankers

Globalization,is the domination of the World by the Wall Street bankers,who are also the oligarchs owning Big oil etc.Most of these are based in the USA and hence we would look what the USA tries to do.In essence,the Wall Street bankers are the REAL rulers of the USA.
1.The World has been divided into 10 regions by Club Of Rome,a brainchild of Rockefeller who is reported to have decided in 1968/69,that the USA and the rest of the West would de-industrialize.Due to this China was used as source of cheap labour starting the 1970s.
     As China became a power to be reckoned with,the Wall Street bankers,looked towards India.For that they needed their puppet.M M Singh was promptly INSTALLED in 2004.Many Indian Oligarchs with connections to Bilderberg,Trilateral Commission,Club Of Rome,Club Of Rome India,CFR etc are also suspected to have played a major part.
     Even there is a lingering doubt that the Elections in 2004 and 2009 in India were stolen misusing the EVMs,which are now used,mainly in the USA and India.Russia also uses.EVMs are hackable and there is a growing distrust of these machines. Ireland is the,latest EU Nation to ban this.Most of EU have banned the EVMs.
2.The USA concentrates mainly on Financial products[Stock Currency and Commodity markets] as the players in these do not need too much capital,as in Manufacturing.In addition the Wall Street bankers CAN manipulate markets,misusing the derivatives which are highly leveraged and NOT REGULATED!
       The Wall Street bankers als Bankrupt Municipalities and nations.In the former category,many Munis in the USA, Italy and France are suing the said bankers
        In the latter category,the bankrupting of Greece is a very god example.
        M M Singh the puppet f the Wall Street bankers is following his masters; orders and is BANKRUPTING India,by shattering her economy.He seems to have ALREADY DESTROYED India.Her PSUs are systematically being destroyed.M M Singh is slowly assuming DICTATORIAL Powers under many excuses like the cabinet Committee on Interments.
       The Wall Street bankers are trying for Trans-pacific Partnership,which is far more ungenerous than the corrupt and UNREGULATED PPP,in that the oligarchs are above International laws and Nations [Sovereign Governments],are liable to answer to them!!!
       In the "21st ASEAN SUMMIT and REALTED SUMMITS",attended by Obama,M M Singh and Gillard,M M Singh seems to have "secretly"[as usual.] made India a member of TPP.
       The other major Industry the USA concentrates is the Military Industrial Complex.The project For the New American century,clearly indicates the intentions of the USA.UNENDING WARS creating NEW enemies..During Cold war its was the erstwhile USSR.Now it may be China.
  For this REALTY, will be used,to CREATE FOOD SHORTAGE,lowering the area for/of Cultivation.
4.PPP based investment in other Nations.
5.Education in other Nation.
       Wall Street Bankers CONTROL education in other nations through the "FOUNDATIONs" of their puppet oligarchs. Children the future Citizens will be brain-washed,to become ZOMBIES,devoid of CRITICAL THINKING.The aim of "OUTCOME-BASED EDUCATION", is this.
       In short,going by item 2 above the Wall Street Bankers enter every field instead of MERE Banking and try to control the World through  misuse of the Derivatives and their financial Muscle,while other nations toil with manufacturing ,thus making themselves,answerable t many Laws of the UN like pollution etc....In this context it is reported that Climate-gate [for carbon Trading],Affordable Housing [for REITs].Infrastructure Spending[for Infrastructure Trust],Peak Oil etc are the mischief of the Club Of Rome,to govern the World by creating FEAR,as FEAR IS THE KEY for the many policies of the Wall Street Bankers,like "War ON Terror" etc.
        An example in money-laundering.
       Globalization is also high profits for the Oligarchs,with cheap Labour,Land,Power,Water etc.[Land is also an investment as its price goes up].Cost of production is low,due to these favours.
      In addition to all these,to maximize,profits,the Globalist demand "market determined prices" or removal of subsides.This will enable them corner markets in India [ due its huge population],and get International prices from people,whose:-
1.Standard of living is below the International One.
2.Per capita Income is below the international level
3.Actual income is far below the international level
         Due to the International price [REMOVAL OF SUBSIDIES],the Globalist oligarchs get mega-profits
To be continued.....

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